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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Style Review: Tomas Maier's Love for Black, White and One in Between

It's been a quiet saturday night, and i am staying on my bed with laptop and songs from Banks watching muted tv shows. I am currently not feeling well thanks to - well, i honestly don't know why. So I decided to visit style.com. That website's been my favorite site to watch fashion shows without being there, and simply use it as my lighthouse to see upcoming trends or basically spend my time adoring collections from designers. Like now.

I am currently into masculine feminine outfit. I just love the way they fit together, if you know what I mean. And they are mostly come in monochromatic colors (and that makes me happy, somehow.) I know I am weird. But no color can fit chic masculine outift with feminine touch better than black, white and one in between.

The thing is most people will assume that it is very easy to create that kind of style but the truth is not everyone can nail it. I bet it wont as easy as A B C. And Tomas Maier is one of few people can make good collection with (most) monochromatic color in it. Well, it's gonna be very subjective because we all know how my unhealthy feelings for monochromatic colors dominate my entire closet, so yeah. You guys have to deal with it. Sooner or later.

Decided to create relaxed looks with athletic cutting for his RTW collection Fall/Winter 2015 was a good call, in my opinion. That black wool cashmere outerwear with grey rib as one fine touch at the end of the sleeve just got me. It's perfect in every way. The sad part part is I can never wear that daily in my hometown unless I hike twice a week. Well, in that case I won't bother wearing that. It will get dirty. #firstworldproblem #dontknowwhattosayanymore #pardonmylonghashtags.

Wearing my oversized boy t-shirt and current favorite sweatpants won't be very fuzzy anymore if i own that coat. I imagine that will fix 50 out of 100 problems I have.

I mentioned that I love wearing sweatpants yet I don't have cool coats for particular occasions, in this collection, Tomas Maier solved my other 30 problems. There are several style of sweatpants I will definitely buy. The reason behind taking sweatpants as my current must items in the closet is because it's easy to wear. Admit that. You have this habit that involving the idea of being cute without trying so hard. Sweatpants give you that. With the right top and shoes (I prefer fancy slip-on), you are very much good to go.

The desire of being skinny has never been this urgent. Beside I can wear anything I want without looking like my suitcase with layers, I am able to nail looks that involving midi dress made from charcoal grey wool cashmere with long cardigans. Adding some fine touch like small black belt and put my slip-on on or wearing that grey relaxed shapes dress that fitted to my body without feeling like burritos. *On my way to the gym*

I can't tell which is my favorite look, but that black on black look that involve black coat is everything.

all photos are courtesy of style.com