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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ready For Hiatus

Hi again everyone, it's been too long since my last post about Layla. And, i just finished my last finance test this morning. I hope we will pass all the subject. And yesterday i just did my store layout presentation. And i am kind of proud for what we've done because to be honest, store layout was never my thing (since i am fashion business student) and i was never aware of this subject. I thought i could have some fun, but i did have fun (a little bit). You know the feeling of nailing something in one condition you never did it before. Store layout is somehow unpredictable and i was kind of surprise. I really hope i can pass this one because it took so much effort i could not imagine. hehehe

Anyway, i will spend my 5 days of my holiday in Malang, enjoying new cafes perhaps, meeting my girls and share stories. Cant wait to meet them, by the way. I just cant wait to enjoy a very quality time with myself, give myself some credits. Maybe visit coffee shop i usually go to do my assignments, and this time i won't bring my huge bag and laptop with me. Oh, it must be great.

Happy Holiday!