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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Note That

I know, I was a little bit mellow on my latest posts, but there is not rainbow without rain, is it? So, my next post will be as cheerful as sunny day and as warm as sunrise

Anggi Lupitasari

"..This Is The End.."

Remember when i told you, i tried to stop my silly-bound with R. i broke it on Sunday. when i picked him up. And we went to cinema and watched The Raid. but before that, he accompanied me to had breakfast. well, that was a good day before i asked about his new crush. that really hurted me. Then, when i was arrived at home. he phoned me and asked me why did i act like that? like i was upset to him. "I said, that is because me. i mean, if i am not falling in love with you, i wont be that hurted." He said sorry but he couldnt do anything. i know. the one who supposed to do something is me. i have to leave.

because, maybe, i am too tired to hold on. i am too tired to cry.
Then, i said to him like this : "Okay, this is the last time we chat. This is the last time i phone you. there will be no text from me after this, because when i do, i already forgot you as love. when we meet someday i will recognize you as a stranger. When we met we say hello, and i know this is goodbye... Bye, R. Bye Love."

And i really hope you know what i mean with "Goodbye". Because there will be no Hello.

i love(d) you.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Song Without Words

My current favorite song is One from Depapepe. A really great song from duo from Japan. This is a great song because they sing without words in the song. They play guitar and I am like...singing. They don't have a vocalist but the song sings with me. Both of them are guitarist. And I think, One is their masterpiece.
I know them from friend of mine. And, unfortunately I couldn't watch their performance in Java Jazz Festival this year. I saw them on tv. Everybody there love how they played the song. Pity me. But I promise I will watch them next time. I believe they have many good songs, I haven't heard it yet. But this is a good start. Hehehe.

Talking about Japanese, I met one of them these two weeks. His name is Jumpei Haga. He is a exchange student from japan and live with my classmate, Ambi. Ambi and family let him to stay in Malang for two months. He teached students, here. I don't really know how he teach but, if I could make a conclusion from the farewell party for Jumpei yesterday, he is so lovable yet sweet. He is sweet to everyone. Even to me and my friends. Hehe.

He has a cute face. He is so tall and kinda funny, I think. Especially when he talked in Bahasa. Hahaha. We will miss you, Jumpeiii!

Take care, Jumpei-chi. :D

R for Randomness

Hey, R. You are like Lloyd for me. You promised me something that could be broken. You told me something that could be erased. You changed every bound between us.
Hey, R. If I can name youn, I will give Lloyd to you. Because everytime I hear the song, I will call your name. But, still, your name is the cutest. I love your name. Silly, I know.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sweet Guy in Friend Zone

"If you can let jerks go, then you are not far from your true love." - A

that is sweet when you have bestfriend like him. acting like he knows everything then make many jokes from those. then he made you cry because his joke was hurting instead of funny, then he send u a message, said "i am sorry. that was my bad."
or when you cried for silly reasons or even when you cried with no reason, he said to the next day, "please dont cry." you know, that really made my day. because it is rare to have guy-bestfriend like him.

that is funny when he wanted me to do something i didnt want to, but i laughed him. i said to him, "let see."
fyi, i dont have any crush thingy to him because we are friends, i just love caring people arounds me. and he is one of those people. we share about everything. most of them are friendships and dreams, we chase dreans, and we will make it true. like everybody said, "that is what bestfriends are for." :-)


A Kissbye

i dont know, i have to be happy or sad, but i feel relieved. i mean when i dont have to cry everynight or hurt myself, i feel so much happier. he said that he didnt want to talk about this but he didnt blame me either. you know, we are friends, and as friend i let him forget me. but another side, i stayed. i dont wanna forget everything about us. bestfriend told me this, "u dont need to forget everything that hurt u more, but try to release it. try to face the truth." but i am not doin it well.
yesterday i met him, as a friend. i wanted to make everything clear. no, it wasnt that good, because everytime we meet, i am like falling into pieces. i felt tired. i dont know what to do. but i smiled. i accompanied him bought some stuffs and we chatted like we already forgot everything. like we dont have a bound. i act like we are bestfriends. i was scared to tell him the truth. because it is not what he expect about me.
first, that is verrrrry difficult to let him fall for another girl, but now, eventhough hard, i let him. because we are friends.
first, i was like crying and couldnt handle myself. first i wonder, how he could think about me. is he that mean to let me falling into pieces? but he moved on, then forgot me! wowww! i congratulate him. that fast, dude? okay, i will do the same thing. but when i did, i found jerk. well, it wasnt my turn, then.
but, tears and fake smiles made me through this, and now i am okay. like my fello said, "when u can let jerk go, u are not that far with your true love." and i replied to him, "that is good, because i really want to meet him. i am done with jerks." haha. then he replied this, ":-)"

i am done, R. i really am done with you. go fight for your dreams, i will watch you from here. hope we can meet someday as a strangers.