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Thursday, October 24, 2013

thank God it only happens to me.

I am having a real bad day. I never realise that one day can be very very very painful and ironic at the same time. I dont want to tell the whole story but the day before yesterday, my permission to come to one of fashion show today was accepted. But the schedule makes me hardly come, i don't say i can't come, but i hardly come. And i really want to wear black sweater which i don't have yet. And when i try to buy one, i stuck in the traffic jam, so i decided to go back home. I thought i can figure that out. But sometimes, you have to stop trying to know what is worth fighting for. What do you really want. And i moved on to the store layout project, i was about to draw space zoning and i realised it's gone. it's not with me anymore. And i was jut upset and mad and sad and i was about to cry, and i cried in the of the day. the teacher just said yes to the space configuration last monday and it's gone today. It's heartbreaking. No i am not being melodramatic, it's too much to handle. You've been working this project for weeks, and when it's done, the project decided to go.

ANYWAY how about your day? ruined as mine? or blessed as my other day?

Monday, October 21, 2013


Hi everyone, i am currently watching video advertisement of Roberto Cavalli and Just Cavalli for my assignment and then i have to write the report based on my analysis about the video. I choose Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter Collection 2013 - 2014. Liu Wen, Liya Kebede and Iselin Steiro are starring the video and the video looks very 'cavalli'. You know, strong personality, very stands out, bold and charismatic. It's perfect. 
And what i am saying for my assignments are these:

"The theme of the video that is directed by Mario Testino, tells us about three elegant women who stand out from a crowd because the bold and brave style they have. These women are from different race, which represents that Roberto Cavalli is universal. Every woman in this world can wear Roberto Cavalli. But it cleverly doesn’t lose its exclusivity. Beside exclusivity, glamour, and stands out of the crowd, this video presents highly strong kind of women who are not afraid for being differently charismatic. And what I am saying here is by wearing Roberto Cavalli, women will feel adored, wanted, worshiped, and every one else can only be jealous and mad at themselves.

The marketing impact by publishing this video are this video is good for building its brand image, this video is also a tool to inform the customers what will Roberto Cavalli looks like in Fall/Winter 2013-2014. This video is purposed to show what Roberto Cavalli brings this Fall and show what is so important about them. Beside building brand image and a tool to inform the customers, this video is very provocative in term of suggesting people. Because what I am seeing here in the video, three women with highly strong personalities and charisma want to conquer the world. Who doesn’t want to hold the world in her hand? Roberto Cavalli successfully communicate its brand image."

What do you think?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Current Emotion #2

Ever picture yourself strangle random people in bright and blessed sunny day because you are too bored and too tired for everything and you just get mad and suddenly strangle people?

That is what happens in me. I want to strangle people.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Why do i always feel my heart stop every time i see R-word, especially names.. God, that is exhausting.

Il √Čtait Une Fois

Once Upon A Time

These videos are giving me goosebumps. Long story short, that happened before we all know Chanel; high end brand from France. She did not follow the crowd, she made one. She started from zero. zero-ro-ro-ro. She mesmerized me, for sure. I don't cry but i am about to, because even Chanel had her own depression moments and she still could face the world that doubt her.

I am scared to say that she is my role model, but she is.
And maybe some of you wonder why i post two videos with different language, because you better know, the french one gives extra goosebumps.


Hi Hi Hi!

Maybe it's too late to say hi to October, but i will say it anyway.

It is one of lame posts, but i will post it anyway. So this october is my second month of my 4th semester. Yes, don't be so surprised people, I have two years to go. Anyway, on this semester, there is a new subject i should learn titled: store layout. It is pretty complicated, rough, complex, not easy, and not easy, and also not easy. Why? Because i can't measure correctly. It takes me hours to draw one part of our stores (we do it in group, so Thank God). I feel you, interior design students, i feel you.

I am kind of over-think people. So i have so many things to think about, and i also over-react. No, i don't scream to people if i get mad or something goes wrong, i just act calm; like nothing happens. But in my head is full of chaos. I say too many 'what if' to myself. And i will end up crying, disappoint myself and yah you know.

But, i am very glad that i survive. omg this is non-sense. hahaha i just being gloomy. I am sorry people.

huge love

Monday, October 7, 2013


OMG i just watched this guy on youtube, he is so hilarious, SO HILARIOUS. You might know this guy but i just found him on Raditya Dika's new episodes of Malam Minggu Miko 2 and he is just ridiculous. He might cut his own uric shame, or somewhat losing his mind. I have never been this happy watching silly videos on youtube. He is doing great job.

It's not funny, but hilarious, you have to know the different hahaha.

What Mushrooms Do To Me

I am done reading the last book of tetralogy by Dee Lestari. That last piece is titled Partikel. It basically complete three others and be the one which close the whole case from the first book. It is kind of complicated because i honestly dont understand about most of names of mushroom (yeah, the books talk about mushroom, 'what they see when they eat mushroom', Eboka:which is the one name of many names of mushroom in that book, what mushroom is capable of doing, etc.)

I guess she wanted us to know that mushroom is one of most strongest organism in this earth, and the mushrooms are not only for pleasure but also for finding spirit inside us. Well, that's kind of deep, and i bet you want to stop reading this post (btw, i do) but but but, what is so interesting about the tetralogy is, there is always one and two love affair inside them. She uses unique situation to put betrayal, or when the character found their real soulmate. it somehow makes me warm. You know the feeling when you read novel and it ends happily ever after. But in these novels, they give me impression that it doesn't have to be prince charming; the ones who got the best smile, the best look, the best wealth but it has to be the one who suits you best. The one who knows you better than you know yourself. Well, it sounds naive, but i'd like to have life partner like that. (the rest of the requirement wont be declared here, of course) hahahaha.

Anyway, today is going good. I just got home (not home actually but my father's office is my second second home after Grand Indonesia, {well, that's what my friends told me} because home is where you find a strong wifi, yes?)

The Tetralogy

Friday, October 4, 2013


It's funny, tho, every time you try hard, you end up fail yourself, make yourself feel worse than you actually are. you always wish to start over, learn something new, doing good, pray harder, but you end up disappoint yourself. you think you don't deserve thing you deserved. it happens, like a lot. it happens every time, actually. it gives you bad feedback about yourself and you cant help it. that's sad. it's like you fail every time you try. the most painful is you tried hard. you gave your best.


You Deserve It

What does it feel when you find the missing piece of you, the half of you? will you notice? will you realise that he's the one who you've been looking for?

what kind of situation will i deal with when i find you, or you find me.
will you say 'hi'? will you smile at me and say "where have you been all this time?"

Or we will meet in messed-up kind of situation. when you are still in relationship with you girlfriend and i am still thinking that my ex will somehow come back and say "i am sorry makes you waiting for too long"

or you will be the one who say "i am here all this time, with you, sharing things but never love because you're too afraid to get hurt because you think you don't deserve the love people give you. i spend time with you more than you know. the truth is; you deserve big love, because you give people too much love. and i am here standing in front of you convincing you that you deserve it."


Greetings From Audrey

Hi again people who pass my blog by accident,

I am spending time to write on one my day off, it doesn't feel good because i could wake up later and watching movies all day long, but since we all know, each people need to get their ass off of coach to change the world, so do i, so i wake up and ready for today. Today's plan is basically the same with the rest of my weeks, finishing my projects.

Anyway, those sweatshirts stuff, i don't really take it seriously, they can walk away if they want, but it is nice to relate my personal life with fashion, if you know what i mean. But those sweatshirts are lovely, aren't they?

But, as Ed Sheeran said, "Maybe i should let you go.." 

No, i am not talking about you, it's for the sweatshirts.


Thursday, October 3, 2013


because everyone moves on but me

At last, there is only me staying here to heal my wounds. It's not because they don't care, it's because i stop convincing them "that hurt", so yeah, i will be fine.

Anyway, i am adoring sweatshirts from Kenzo, if you know those are eye sweatshirts. Both white and black are such lovely. It will be great if i can have them both.
But, the thing is, i cant get them. They are out of my reach, like you. They simply walk away as the season ends. Like you. And i will be here staring them leaving me. You don't give me chance to convince you that i will love you better. What hurt the most is: she deserves you. I really hope you would be the last, but as Stephen says: "we accept love we think we deserve."

I never can share pains, because it will be not polite to see someone else sad because of me. It's the best to keep this by and for myself, because at the end, there is only me standing here by myself to heal the wounds. You are your own cure. Time helps.

Scumbag sweatshirts are scumbag