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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Head Over Heels

I decided to think that my last post titled Mantan is way too sad and gloomy. But make no mistake, that is not my story, i just happened want to write something and it just written that way. Please dont blame my words, because some parts of them are from my deepest and darkest corner in my heart, but the rest is because i like you guys torture yourself. just kidding. hehehe. i am still working on my freaking never ending one hell way project. i am kind of sleepy, but it's not done yet so i need to (at least) make it near to done. good night from me.

the last but very not least, i think i am in love. 

with matthew


  1. Aduh adem liatnya nggik :> Hati jadi damai dan tentram hahaha