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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Everybody Moved On. So Did I.

Hello everyone who generously passing my blog, I spent my first five days of my holiday in Malang. Malang was very gloomy lately and I didn’t enjoy it at all (since my flight was delayed because of the gloomy weather) and I didn’t easily go anywhere thanks to the rain. Anyway I am very thankful because I pass the whole subjects this semester, Alhamdulillah, and the score is not bad. I am very very very grateful, because it was hard to be honest and we all nailed it.

Hehehe. Anyway, for Advertising subject, we made TV commercial (as I told you, we picked Furla as our fashion brand) and we made a great one. I personally satisfied. After this post, I will upload it. And thanks to Michael Andrian as our videographer and also the editor of the video. The video was taken in Liberica CafĂ© located in Pacific Place.  And the general concept was quite simple. We wanted to communicate how ‘Furla Candy Bag’ is preferable than other sweets. For women who crave sweets, they will choose Furla. And the video is made cute as well. Okay, I let you to decide. Hehehe.

And I am really excited to tell you that I also pass the Store Layout subject. I am very very relieved. I cant wait to show you the mood-board! Hehehe. I guess I am too excited.

Anyway, this week I am been working as farmer in Hay Day and an owner of my coffee shop in I Love Coffee game in Line, I kinda enjoy it, hehe. And oh I am really into Snapchat and I sent rio a lot of useless photos. Thank God it doesn’t last. Yeah, and he posted my posts to him on Path. Nice. Very nice.

I really have so many things to talk about here and I don’t want to be as gloomy as the weather, so I need to find activities. How about going to Gym and taking French course? It does sound good, doesn’t it?

Anyway, yesterday was my, Alex Turner, and Kahlil Gibran’s birthday. And, I am officially 20 years old. And I don’t know how times can fly this fast, omg. I am glad, because this year, I am feeling so grateful. I had pedicure in the morning and cut my hair, had ice cream and watched my favorite tv series. It’s very relaxing. And today was my first day of my 5th semester, and I went well, I guess. Although I wonder why my lecturer already gave me assignments.

Well, I guess that’s it. Good night, everyone.


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