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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Taman Sriwedari

Setapak Sriwedari - Maliq&d'Essentials

Be my stress cure, recently. 

Yay or Nay

For Fall 2013
You dont need to ask question about how much i love to collage photos. He didn't approve it, anyway, but i do like the result. hehehe. The left one is a prediction for Fall 2013 with emerald, koi and vivacious as the color pantone for Fall 2013. And New Look from C. Dior will come from the grave. What i love about what Fall will give is the electric blue beanie from Chanel. Isn't that cute? Anyway, it won't be complete if i dont explain the right one little bit. So, basically the right side is everything that 'NAY', which means out of date, or lame, or so last century. The shoes at the bottom is not a neon color, the color's name is bright chartreuse. that color came from color pantone in Fall 2012. Peplum, tribal, cracked nail polish, space pattern, so yah, it is not that easy tho, but i am having pretty much fun. :p



Heeeyyy, i miss blogging so much. These assignments are just..... yeah, you know. Anyway, i promise you photos of JFFF few weeks ago. I basically watched two fashion show in a week. They are represented by many Indonesian talented designers such as: Sebastian Gunawan, Priyo Oktaviano, Ari Seputra, Denny Wirawan, Didi Budiarjo, Barli Asmara, Carmanita. Denny Wirawan, Didi Budiarjdo, Era Soekamto, Kanaya Tabitha, Liliana Lim, Tri Handoko, Tuty Cholid, and Yongki. But the most memorable ones are shows from  Sebastian Gunawan, Priyo Oktaviano, Ari Seputra, Denny Wirawan, Didi Budiarjo.
Sebastian Gunawan or Seba; he used tenun garut as his main attraction.The show was represented as the light atmosphere of summer. The feminine looks came from light green, flower pattern, and yellow lemon, laces, plaid skirts, and flower headband that complete their look.

The second one came from Ari Seputra. That is a very brilliant way to make tenun lombok more attractive. Yet very attractive, it is also wearable. Without losing the ethnic look from tenun lombok itself, he made the outer wear very chic and sophisticated. who doesnt want to wear ethnic outer wear from Ari's collection?

The third one was really kicked! Priyo Oktaviano presented the mysterious side of tenun bali. The most eye-catching look was the one with big silver headband that covered up the model's face. Every thing about this collection was mysterious, dark, full of ethnic, but still classy and so Priyo. What i could'nt get is when a guy without pants came to the stage. I dont what was going on, but i am pretty sure Prio had his own reason.

When the show went on, Denny Wirayawan was the next turn. He chose tenun from Sulawesi Tenggara to be his major fabric for this time collection. He chose very different theme from other designers. The model were mostly oriental, that fact actually support the message he wanted us to get. The first look who came to the stage was very light, then they went heavier and heavier. People were right about 'saving the best for the last' because Dominique and her look was very intimidating and mesmerizing at the same time.

The last but not least, because as i said people save the best thing for the last, was Didi Budiardjo. He went with tenun sambas. the purple tone from the fabric was pretty. With woven hat and crystal kinda look pants as their accessories made this look very eye-catching and unique. But then they came with long plaid dresses. There were red and koi's color for the dresses and sheer coat at the back was the good ending for the fashion show.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hello, School!

Get sick is never be my favorite. This allergic should be healed, i guess. By the way, yesterday i attended Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival 2013 in Hotel Harris, Kelapa Gading. I am sorry i cant post the photos now, but they were quite amazing. And my school just started in two weeks but assignments are already chasing me. Well... wish me luck. Have a good week, everyone.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Basic Cure

I basically don't know what to write here, i am just staring at my another page and suddenly be sad of nothing. I don't know why my tumblr is dominated by sad posts. They sometimes suit me or mostly because i know the movie or the quote from some where else. They say that we will post something that related to us. They are mostly true because we unconsciously like something that has relation with us. Well, it is not a problem, is it?

My latest addiction is Lego House from Ed Sheeran. He might look very much alike ninja turtle, but he is a genius. How many people can genius-ly make song that inspired from children's toy, like.... lego for example. Right? And add a light word like 'pastry' to the deepest song i have ever heard. And i wonder how he made a sentence like this one; "and the worst thing in life come free to us.." 
that is the most desperate sentence i have ever known.

I will never forget when i actually repeat the A-Team from Ed Sheeran over and over again. Then i found myself cry and said to myself that i don't want to die alone. Well, i never knew that i am 'that' dramatic. But yes, i am.

I realise that every time i saw my own posts in my own blog, i feel like what the hell i have been writing about? Why would i share eveything to strangers? And suddenly i want to delete my blog. But i blog for reasons. Reasons i cant tell. It basically because i found that i need to be heard, i guess.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Even as a young boy, my passion was to design, and I have been very lucky to be able to do what I have loved all my life. There can be few greater gifts than that." - Valentino Garavani

What makes blogging a very good cure is i can tell most of my days. Whether is good or bad. Whether is appropriate or not. Whether everyone like it or not, beside this is my blog. Anyway, this Sunday, LaSalle College International Jakarta and Pondok Indah Mall collaborate to hold a fashion show, i don't know exactly, but that will be held on Sunday 12th of May 2012 at Atrium PIM2, in front of Sogo (i guess). I am honestly curious, what is gonna be like. But i always love fashion show, its atmosphere affect me in a good way. It somehow motivates me to do something better, to be in Paris Fashion Week someday, to look Karl Lagerfeld closer (i hope he can make it until i really see him in person. Be strong, Karl.) However, i only watched two fashion shows in these two years so yah i guess, it will be fun to collect another fashion show. Another thing is this fashion show is related to my new subject called......i forgot the subject's name. Ah! Fashion Presentation. This basically teaches us to know how to make a fashion show. The good one. We are taught to be a dresser, manage the seats, some people control the lighting and the music. This should be fun!

Well, i just watched Valentino: The Last Emperor; a good documentary movie starring by Valentino Garavani, the last couturier. This movie told about the last fashion show of Valentino in Milan and that was amazing. The film and the fashion show also. It showed me more than a fashion show. It also showed the way Valentino worked with his best people, his adorable dogs, his struggle, his lover, and the most important is his admiration to beautiful things; he said "I know what women want, they want to be beautiful." His collection presented his concern to the beauty of women around the world.

He did deserve the standing ovation, congratulations, and those flowers.. He deserved tears from his beloved friends because his retirement. He is loved. He is a genius.


Monday, May 6, 2013

What Lasts

Hola everyone! This is the first day of my new semester. Well, i wont say i like the schedule but it is fine. And yah, i hope everything is going to be awesome as wished. I hope i can strike better scores than the previous semesters.

Anyway, since in my previous post i recklessly mentioned R, i think it is the right time to state something. I dont want to thank you or even worse say sorry or whatever. But i realise we both are old and mature enough to represent our feeling wisely whatever it is. I mean, if those tweets were for me, he would eventually text me. So because he didn't text me, i concluded he waits for someone else. That is good for him, at least. You know when people say "i am happy because you are happy" is a lie. Because every time i say "it is good for you to find another one" my chest aches. But that is okay. Like i said there are many important things to deal with instead of finding out who my life partner is. He will find 1001 ways to find me. I will not doubt that.

Anyway, satrio will come home this summer, can't wait to meet him! :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Regret, Universe, and Several Things

I just can't believe that my holy-day is almost over. two weeks is just not enough. i need more. anyway i just want to say, i hate living in regret. the worst part in regret is that you already knew you will got better result when you chose another choice, but you ended up chose the wrong one. Well, they won't call regret a regret for no reason. But in life, i regret some things. The first regret in my life is when i stayed in my elementary school for a year without my cousin. I ended up feeling lonely. I started hating school. I hated to go to school in the morning without my cousin. Yeah, this cousin is like my sister. since we were in the same age and used to be in the same class. And when she moved to another elementary school, i chose to stay. I thought i will be okay because i was old enough to play without her. And then, that worst feeling of regret came. I knew that i could go with her to the new school, but i didn't. When i was teenager (because now i am not feeling like a 17 years old teenager anymore) many regrets came and i just...you know i swallowed them all. I didn't give a damn or anything because i thought i only lived once, don't regret things. Then now i am almost 20 years old and regretting what i have regretted in the pasts. They say: what people regret the most is to something they didn't do. That is quite right. So what i am saying is choose wisely. You might already knew that the choice you choose is wrong but you didn't listen carefully. If i am trying to be honest to myself (it might sounds offensive for some people, i would like to apologize first) i love living here. i love my college life. My college life  don't suck. I am exhausted, but that is worth it. That feels so good to be accepted or feel belong to somewhere. Maybe i don't get the best scores but i live my life fully (since i only live once).
I have been thinking about my future life partner. Questions about when and why and how will i meet him is not answered yet. You can call me lame or whatever but i would like to know a guy that will spend the rest of his life with me. Is he good? Is he smoker? Will he be a good father? Will he cheat on me? Will i bore him? I am not 17 years old anymore. I am not looking for a boyfriend. Because the more i think, the more i worry, the more i can't decide, the more i think Universe is making fun of me. But this morning, when my Dad talked about his job with my Mom, i realized that there are many other things to worry about. Finding job is easy, the hardest part is when you have to get one. So the conclusion is my life partner will find his own way to me. I just....I just need to wait, i guess.


The Reason