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Monday, December 31, 2012

Quote of The Day

"Don't take people's thought seriously. You can't always please the whole society. Please yourself. Sounds selfish, but you will feel better." - Anggi Lupitasari

Car Free Night, Goals, and 2012

Hello people who pass my blog, happy new year all. anyway i just got back from ocean of people in Thamrin street. Well, if i can say, that was a mess. A clear mess. Can you imagine a thousand of people walk in Thamrin street in the rainy night - all together (and most of them are wet). Anyway i didnt plan this. i thought Grand Indonesia would be glad if we stay longer in there, but it was not. Grand Indonesia closed at 8 p.m then it made us go to Plaza Indonesia, then end up in Thamrin street. Before took Bajaj to went home, i saw (poor) chinese man (i dont know, he looked like chinese or korean)  who wanted to go home to Sudirman Park, he was trapped in this mess and only can speak english and his native language, well, this hectic situation would be more than a mess for him. I really am sorry for him. if i were him, i already cursed in mandarin or english then started crying.

Okay people i dont have any resolution for a next year a head because re-solution is repeated solutions for me which means those solution couldnt work well. I will replace my resolutions by goals.

My first goal is study hard and pray even harder. I have people to impress so i need to work harder. stay away from deadline (now i know why people put "dead" before line, really, no joke). and kill my lazyness.

The second is kind of lame, but i always want to be a good prayer, no doubt. Good prayer is not always a good people, but she prays hard. Pray for everything. 

Those are my goals. I dont want to have many goals because i could not even accomplish one resolution last year, so, two make it easy.

January is my month. i was born this month in 1994, and my favorite person born in the same date with me (different year) :) yes, you are still my favorite Gibran!

2012 has been so nice to me. The best part in 2012 is when life gives me chances to show people, for once, i am right.

To be honest, because there is no one here but me, taking psychology as my main major was my getaway. i thought i will need a getaway from my crazy dreams being an editor in chief for famous fashion magazine, but i was totally wrong. okay, stop this crap. bye, see you in 2013!!



Thursday, December 20, 2012

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." - Ernest Hemingway

hello, blog. hello people who accidentally passing my blog. hello, hello everyone. how's life?
my first semester is officially done. i am ready for another one. anyway, i dont want to talk about my transcript yet because......i dont know the result yet. anyway, my simcard was error two days ago, and i cant get my phonecalls, texts, bbm texts. and i was glad (a little bit) because i didnt need to be nervous because wait on his message, but he never contacted me first, so i didnt feel that little pain, that little pain right in my chest because i really want to contact him even when he just ignore me. ANYWAY..

i am going to have holiday with my family. i hope it will be nice because i just need a holiday. you know, like lying in bed and watch movies. oh, do you like matt in my post before this? yeah, i like him too. he is just....charming. you know i always love his smile. his smile always reminds me about.... i dont know, maybe his smile made my day. nyahahahha, kidding people. i am not into him. i just love his smile in alexa chung's photos. they look good together, dont they? i hope they will be together. *finger cross*

And i never know matt can sings if rio didnt tell me. he has good voice as band vocalist, i mean, he doesnt have that "beautiful" voice, but he sings very good, and the songs are great. and Long Hair is my favorite. maybe because it is easy listening and because he the one who sings it. hahahaha. that is too subjective.

and one more thing, i admit that i couldnt, let me repeat this, I COULD NOT do the marketing's final exam. okay. i said it. and i am sorry if i have to retake this class. please God, dont let that happens. and i am sorry i need to bold, italic and underline "i could not" but i really messed it up. because i didnt study, and that was my fault. okay, eat that nggi! eat that! fuck. 

oh, yah, whateverrr

Matt's Editorial Project

another hitt's edited photo. i think this is a mess, but i love it anyway. yah well, anyway these photos belong to fuckyeahmatthewhitt.tumblr.com i just edit them, and
i couldnt believe that he/she collects all hitt's photos. what a huge fan. okay, tchao.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Just Lana..

I edit that statement, anyway. Dont worry people, we never heard Lana said that, eventhough it might happenned.

It does not make Lana loses her natural elegant look, but she always looks tough, strong, and unbreakable in my way see her.

Editorial Projects #3

Emma Stones for Valentino

This is another assignment. I made an advertisement in A3 art paper (if you want to know). Yes, well, i admitted that this was kind of difficult because i just couldnt find the right model. Alexa Chung used to be my victim (hehe) for this assignment but, Emma fit the Valentino's ambience, somehow. She looks lovely, doesnt she?

Editorial Projects #2

I also edited this one because the last one was not this good, hehe. Oh, let me give a some descriptions. This is my final project, basically. I dont know will i get a good score for this or not, because my lecturer (i am not saying she aint fair) but she gives mark based on projects she like. I mean, people can have their own styles, their own ideas, you know. But, yah, what she says lah..

Editorial Projects #1


 I decided to edit my project. I think there is no major different in both pictures, but i will go with the second one.


One More Hectic Week

This is friday 7th December 2012.

Hectic week is not over yet because another one is coming next week. I will let you know.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Meeting Miss Julita for final project next week
Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Final Test Fashion Phenomena

Collect computer lab's final project

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Interview Simulation for Job Task final test

Textile's final test

Friday, 14 December 2012

Marketing's final test

Goodluck, myself!! I am excited, anyway because i am getting closer to end year sale. Mihihihihi. Oh yes, holiday also.
basically i love editorial things; this my daily project. hope i will get good mark on this ;)
And this is for my final project. is this too much?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Post Among Projects

Hello hectic week, thank God i can post something today. i write this post while i am preparing my group presentation for marketing tomorrow. wish me luck 'kay?

The funny thing is this is the first time i hear JKT48. Lame, i know but this girlband accompanies me making my whole project for this week. Okay, whatever.

what goes around, comes back around.

you do great, you got a great result as well.

note that.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 Definitions of Blog

1. where i can completely lose control of myself and tell everything to anyone who visit my blog accidentally. And i simply regret things i already posted but that wont be a problem because blogger.com always has the "delete" button.
2. where no one, i repeat, NO ONE has no permission to disturb me.
3. where my ideas arent rejected.
4. where my short stories take place.
5. where my photos belong.
6. where i easily ignore ugly* critics. i hardly receiving critics. critics are too destructive for me sometimes, even when they say "no offense, sorry to say, just saying, etc."
7.where i can bring my memories back. memories about everyone. about ex(es). frenemies. people i ever met. college. bestfriends. bitch(es) i hardly like.
8.where i can wonder why people keep hurting each other in the name of God.
9.where i cant be underestimated.
10.where the tenth definiton of blog for me reminds me i still have a real life.

- - -

what i love: looking at fancy stuff
what i hate: find out the price

#iamjustacomplicatedperson #iamsorry

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Karl Who?

Click here to see my favorite video of Alexa Chung's interview.

"It is not dream but, in the early morning i see things and put them on a piece of paper and dont question them.." Just Karl Lagerfeld.

"Coco Chanel once said, 'you cant buy style, i wonder if Karl agrees..' "

"You know the important thing is to have your style. Even people who have no style if they are happy with what we call a lack of style, that's their problem, no?" - Karl Lagerfeld

"If i am trying to buy one of the pieces of this collection, how much it costs?" - Chung

"You dont have to try, you just buy... err.. maybe 25.000 to 100.000 pounds.." - Lagerfeld

"Okay, i will start saving, who needs a house?" - Chung

Friday, November 9, 2012

I Always Am

i never wait for another slap. i only hope i can change the situation. when good karma hits me at the perfect time. when you, yes you, will look for me behind you, but so you know, i wont be there anymore. when you crawl back to me that day, i wont be there, sweetheart. i wont listen to your stories. i wont share any moment with you. this is not because i am mad or regret for what we had in the past, this only because i am trying to make myself feel better without you.

i will be fine. i always am.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

JFW Part 3

this the better quality photos. thanks to @anitatanita for giving me these photos. love!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

As Creator: Fashion Designer

Today in Job Task lecture, i just got questions; what kind of job that suits me the best, they were like quesioners, and those were interesting questions because i love all the job. The job were actually creators which means fashion designer, visualizer which means fashion photographer, stylist, the third was critic which works in fashion magazine or fashion tv, the last was seller which will work as retail manager, in sales department.

Guess what, mine was creator. the fashion designer one. I dont really believe that because i actually love photography and i love working in fashion magazine. but  i love drawing, i love datelines. call me silly or whatever, i am not that afraid of dateline. I mean, dateline should be exist so we can work as fast as we can and as good as it should be. Anyway, there was cute question in my opinion. why cute, because when i answered that question i thought about someone straightway. i dont need to mention a name, but i just gave a little smile when i saw the question. the question sounded like this:

In Relationship, you..

a. Tend to be more dominant partner
b. Would rather stay single than compromise the vision
c. Want an accomplished mate, but one who has succesess in a totally different field like finance or medicine, so you dont get competitive with him or her
d. Love to go out with different kinds of people, but you have a hard time committing.

p.s. i dont know, but i think i was also a dominant partner, but not that dominant, ah, whatever, C suits me best :p
And there are two questions i love the most 

Your fantasy way to shop

a. You shop at vintage couture auction and European flea markets
b. You shop at showrooms and sample sales a unique pieces
c. You pre order ready to wear from designers showrooms
d. You trusted personal shopper identfies the looks

p.s. if i can add my answer i will say, "shop at vintage couture auction and European flea markets (with my Mr. Successful-finance-or-medicine-worker)" lol!

Your dream workspace,
a. it is not a traditional office but rather an open space, with walls fiiled by inspiration boards
b. i hate office
c. it is a tidy corner office, with white chairs and fresh flowers
d. it is a warr oom full of charts and presentation materials      
p.s. i already can imagine how cute my office will be. hehe. 

Anyway, maybe creator is not bad at all. i love being fashion designer and i love earning money and stuff (who doesnt?), i love designing also. Ah, that is not gonna be a problem, tho. i am on the right track, anyway :p

Goodnite, see you soon..


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 Part 2

i am sorry for those low quality photos because i forgot to bring the memory card (fyi, i didnt forget bring the camera). that is not fine, actually. i almost didnt go there. i just felt so stupid. forgot bring camera to the event that i really wait for feels not good at all. i feel i missed something. that sucks. no good. okay, stop it. you know how it feels, dont you?

Anyway, i am very lucky. despite all my stupidness, i was very lucky got the invitations. i got three actually (by accident). you really dont want to hear it because i tell my friends that accident.

by the way, the show was great. i loved the way the models walk. really. they walked beautifully. and i show Dominique (you know, the model, ah, you must know her) on catwalk. oh she is so prettyy <3

beautiful people everywhere...

oh and thanks to @NINE12_ for giving me a chance. just thank you :')

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

They just....dont know the truth.

..and your life changed....forever.


The Best Conversation

Jamie Randall: I'm full of shit, okay? No I'm... I'm *knowingly* full of shit. Because, uh... because uh, uh... I have... I have *never* cared about anybody or anything in my entire life. And the thing is, everybody just kind of accepted that. Like, "that's just Jamie." And then you!... Jesus. *You*. You. You didn't see me that way. I have never known anyone who actually believed that I was enough. Until I met you. And then you made me believe it, too. So, uh... unfortunately... I need you. And you need me.

Maggie Murdock: No, I don't.

Jamie: Yes, you do.

Maggie: No, I don't.

Jamie: *Yes*, you do.

Maggie: Stop it, stop saying that.

Jamie: You need someone to take care of you.

Maggie: No, I don't! 

Jamie: Everybody does.

Hello Again Matt

i dont remember when exactly i start adoring Matt but i remember when i watched Long Hair by The Drowners i just realised that he is so....i dont know, what we call cute guy sings a good song in band...charming? Yeah, sort of. Plus, i love his smile. I just love the way he smiles. Oh My God, i think i am in love. Oh, i almost forget to say thanks. Thanks for making me adore him. lol

What Breaks My Heart Easily

1. Love songs
2. Photos
3. Memories about you that goes streaming in my head like black and white movie
4. Sad quote
5. Your tweets
6. Your status
7. Your smile. (Makes me realise, that smile aint mine, anymore.)
8. Romantic movies. (Makes me wish i have that kind of love story with you)
9. The way you act that "you are really okay without me" or "Your life is so much better without me" or "Losing me aint your big deal"
10. You have  new crush not very long after break up with me show me that "i am that replaceable." Yes, that hurts.

Surat Untuk Layla

Layla, maaf aku pergi, karena hanya Arimbi yang selalu ada di hati.

Layla jangan memintaku kembali, karena kamu berhak mendapat yang lebih baik.

Layla, jangan beri aku kesempatan untuk kembali, jangan maafkan aku.

Layla, aku pergi.

Layla, terima kasih untuk satu tahun ini. Tapi Arimbi, dia selalu di hati, dan tidak pernah pergi. Bukan, kamu bukan selingan, kamu bukan pelampiasan, kamu adalah bukti aku pernah menyerah untuk menanti.

Layla, maaf untuk segala janji yang tak sempat aku tepati, karena aku kembali jatuh hati pada Arimbi. Kembali menyerah untuk pergi.
Selamat tinggal hai kamu yang pernah ada di hati. 



“Nggak apa-apa Adit. I am fine.” Aku tersenyum mendengar cerita tentang mereka berdua.

Mungkin memang harus ada aku di antara mereka sampai Tuhan mempertemukan mereka kembali. 

Mungkin aku bukan pelampiasan, tapi cerita cinta mereka tidak akan lengkap tanpaku.

Ah, kamu menghibur diri, Layla. Kamu mencintai Adit.

Aku mencintainya. Tapi Arimbi cukup lama menunggu. 

Aku memeluknya. Salam perpisahan. “Jaga Arimbi baik-baik.. Cukup aku, ya Dit.”

“Arimbi, maaf membuatmu menunggu terlalu lama..” Aku melambaikan tangan pada sosok perempuan di belakang Adit. 

Terima kasih untuk satu tahun. Indah, sayang hanya bisa dikenang tanpa pernah bisa diulang

Sampai Disini

Halo Dungu..

“Panggil aku tidak tahu diri, tapi aku mencintaimu, Arimbi.”  Aku merasakan keringat dingin mengucur dari dahiku. Aku tidak segugup ini saat meminta Layla menjadi pacarku. Oh, tentu saja, ini Arimbi.

Aku duduk di sampingnya di dalam kubikel miliknya di suatu sore.

Setelah ini penantianku selesai, setelah ini semua cara penolakanmu akan aku telan, karena aku tidak pernah peduli. Setelah ini, aku akan pergi, tidak akan kembali, tapi tolong mengerti, aku mencintaimu...

“Ayo pergi, buktikan pada semesta, kita bisa bersama..”
Sekian tahun penantian, satu tahun menyerah dan memilih yang ada, kini aku kembali jatuh, untukmu.

Please, be mine, Arimbi..”

“I have always been yours.”

...Aku mencintaimu..

Be Mine

Hei kamu pemilik hati, jika kamu kembali, cobalah mengerti, aku tidak pernah pergi..

“Arimbi..” Suara milik Adit mengagetkanku sore itu.

“Layla nggak masuk hari ini..”

“Aku tahu.. Aku mau ketemu kamu.” Dan seketika jantungku lompat dari tempatnya. Butuh beberapa detik untuk membiasakan diri.

 Jangan terlalu besar rasa. Pasti ada hal menyangkut Layla yang ingin dia bicarakan.

“Ada apa?”

Tanpa disuruh dia duduk di sampingku, masuk ke kubikelku. “Be mine, Ari.”

Hei kamu yang selalu di hati, jangan pergi lagi..

Semesta, Kamu Tega

Semesta terlalu menyukai keadaan saat kita bersama tapi tak saling berbagi cerita.

Semesta terlalu menyayangkan perginya kamu mencari ilmu jauh ke negeri orang dan membuatku memilih Layla. 

Semesta benci kita jauh, tapi tidak membiarkan kita jadi satu utuh.

Dan sekarang dengan segala trik mistisnya, Semesta menarik tali merah milik kita berdua dan mengikatnya kuat. Entah apa aku bisa lepas dari ikatanmu, Semesta.

“Arimbi ini berbakat banget loh, Dit. Rajin lagi..” Layla, untuk kesekian kalinya, memuji Arimbi. Perempuan di depanku tersipu. Hari ini, tidak ada lagi kaca mata bundar miliknya. Tidak ada lagi kawat memagari giginya. Tapi lugu itu masih ada. Masih disana. Dia masih Arimbiku..
“Adit kerja dimana, La?” Arimbi menatapku. Aku tak perlu lagi mencari binar matanya seperti dulu, karena binar itu sekarang menatapku.
“General Manager di Tobuki Corp. Bagian marketing..” Layla menjawab, mewakiliku.
Dan setelah pertanyaan itu, kami bertiga diam, menikmati makan siangku yang entah kenapa, terasa hambar.

Di tengah makan siang, “Kamu disini aja, Ri, temenin Adit makan. Aku harus ketemu klien.”
“Aku anter, La. Aku udah selesai kok.” Layla tersenyum. Senyum “tidak apa-apa” milik Layla selalu menarikku kembali ke dunia nyata, ke duniaku tanpa Arimbi.
“Aku sama Pak Man, kok, Dit. I am fine.” Layla menuju pintu keluar sambil memegang gagang telepon.

Hei Semesta, apakah ini juga rencanamu?

5 menit masih tidak ada percakapan, aku menyerah.

Cukup Semesta, kamu keterlaluan. Untuk apa kamu membuat aku dan dia duduk berdua tanpa bicara?

Hai. Lagi.

Hei kamu yang tidak pernah hilang dari ingatan, apakah kamu masih ingat diriku dan hari Rabu?

Layla masuk ke kubikelku membawa berkas-berkas pekerjaan. Sudah tiga bulan aku bekerja bersama Layla di butik miliknya. Entah, dari pertama melihat Layla, ada hangatnya persahabatan yang mengendap di hati dan tidak mau keluar. Mungkin karena itu aku betah bekerja disini. Selain ramah, Layla tidak pernah membeda-bedakan pagawainya. Dia bilang aku teman pertamanya yang tidak melihat orang dari "lapisan luarnya saja". Teman? Ah, dia memang sebaik itu.
"Hari ini makan siang bareng yuk. Mumpung Adit bisa juga. Kita makan siang bertiga."

Dan rasa ngilu yang entah darimana merayapi hatiku. Air mata membumbung sampai pelupuk. Aku menunduk pura-pura mengerjakan sesuatu. "Makan siang dimana?"
"Sushi Groove yuk." Aku mengangguk mengiyakan. Dan untuk kedua kalinya aku akan bertemu dengan si pemilik hari Rabuku.

Yang pertama saat tidak sengaja aku baru keluar makan siang bersama Layla, tiba-tiba dia disana. Menunggu di dalam butik. Dan dengan jelas kulihat pemilik hari Rabuku tersenyum pada Layla. Sekali lagi senyum yang tidak pernah bisa kurengkuh itu kembali dimiliki. Tapi bukan aku.

Layla mengenalkan aku padanya. "Ari, ini tunanganku, namanya.." Adit.. "..Adit."

Aku membalas jabat tangannya sambil tersenyum artifisial.

Hei kamu, apa kamu tahu rasanya jatuh cinta diam-diam?

Ku tatap binar matanya.

Hei kamu, kini aku punya seluruh hari untuk terpaku melihat indahnya binar matamu, tidak hanya hari Rabu.

Hei, tidak mampukah kamu membaca rasaku? Begitu rumitkah mengartikan tatapanku padamu?

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Adit duduk diam menatap foto dirinya dan tunangannya di satu pigura di atas meja kerjanya. Layla. Putri dari pengusaha batu bara sukses di Indonesia. Menjadi seorang putri orang terpandang tidak membuat Layla terus bermanja-manja di rumah menghabiskan harta orang tuanya. Layla memilih untuk berkumpul dengan anak yatim-piatu di panti asuhan atau di kolong jembatan dibanding duduk manis di kafe mahal dengan teman-teman sosialitanya. Layla memilih merawat tanaman bersama tukang kebunnya di Minggu sore dibanding menyusul teman-temannya ke Singapura untuk belanja di Orchard Road, atau ke Hongkong karena ada Great Sale.  Layla. Perempuan yang dengan kesederhanaanya membuat Adit jatuh cinta untuk yang kedua kalinya. Adit selalu berpikir dia tidak akan bisa jatuh cinta lagi, setelah Arimbi sukses datang dan keluar dari hatinya tanpa permisi.

"Kamu dimana, La?" Tanya Adit di telpon.
"Di butik, Dit. Ada apa?"
"Aku jemput ya.."
Layla tersipu. Adit tidak pernah mengumbar janji. Tepatnya jarang.
"Kamu nggak sibuk?" Layla menjawab
"Kebetulan meeting jam 3 di-cancel." Adit menjawab sambil melihat Rolex yang melingkar di tangan kirinya. "Gimana?"
"Boleh.." klik.

Pukul 14.25 Adit pergi menjemput Layla di butiknya di bilangan Kemang, Jakarta Selatan. Adit langsung disambut pramuniaga butik tersebut bukan karena mereka berpikir Adit adalah customer tapi mereka tahu Adit bukan pengunjung biasa. Pramuniaga selalu berbisik-bisik iri. Entah, mereka yang tidak punya cermin atau mereka memang suka membicarakan orang lain.

"Aduh, Pak Adit itu kok ganteng banget ya.."
"Non Layla kan biasa aja mukanya.."
"Iya, cuman kaya aja. Apa jangan-jangan... Pak Adit cuma mau duitnya aja. Secara..." Dan seterusnya.

Adit suka mencuri dengar pembicaraan orang-orang itu sambil tergelak. Ada-ada saja.

Ternyata Layla masih ada tamu. Layla keluar sebentar sambil minta maaf pada Adit yang dibalas dengan senyum "tidak apa-apa" milik Adit. Tidak lama kemudian, Layla keluar dengan tamunya. Perempuan sepantaran Layla.
Adit langsung mengenali perempuan itu hanya dengan melihat senyumnya. Senyum yang selalu ia curi lihat beberapa tahun lalu. Senyum yang tidak pernah hilang dari ingatannya.Senyum milik seorang Arimbi tidak pernah sama dengan senyum milik perempuan lain, termasuk senyum Layla.

Adit memutuskan tetap diam sampai Arimbi keluar dari butik Layla. Adit memutuskan untuk menjadi pengecut sekali lagi.
"Tadi siapa, La?"
"Oh itu desainer baru aku. Namanya..." Arimbi. "...Arimbi."
"Aku suka banget sama desain-desain dia. She is talented."
Senyum Adit menjadi jawaban penjelasan Layla.

Halo Arimbi, ternyata semesta mempertemukan kita kembali. Apakah kita juga harus menunggu semesta mengacak-acak hidup kita lagi?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


"Jangan kasih aku bunga, cokelat atau boneka ya, soalnya itu gak bisa ngasih makan anak-anak kita entar."

"Nggak usah pamer mobil atau motor papa-mama kamu ke keluargaku ya, soalnya nggak jamin kamu bisa punya kerjaan yang bisa bikin kamu beli mobil sendiri."

"Jangan kasih aku bunga karena nggak sampe seminggu layu. Hah? Tanda Cinta? Tanda cinta itu kuliah yang bener, kalau bisa summa cum laude, cari kerja bagus, sukses. Kan bunga gak bisa bikin duit, Yang."

"Bolos kuliah? Kuliah aja males apalagi kerja. Kamu mau ngasih makan apa ke anak kita entar?"

"Kalau aku marah nggak perlu lah ngasih boneka Teddy Bear segede gaban, soalnya kesannya kayak "nyogok" biar dimaafin."

"Jangan suka foya-foya ngabisin duit papa-mama kamu, kasian. Kerja aja belom.."

"Kado ulang taun? Aku mau kado doa aja; kita kuliahnya cepet, cari kerja bagus, terus nikah. hehehe."

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fashion Oh-So-Phenomena

Hello again people..
I am exactly in busy week. Assignments, quiz and mid-term test is on process now. But i always love blogging, you know. hehehe.
I also am working on my Fashion Phenomena's final project. You might be wrong desribe my project. You might think i am working on dress or designing or making collections for fashion show on last week in first smester. Unfortunately, no people. Fashion phenomena itself means history of fashion. Fashion itself is cycle so, the purpose of this lecture is knowing the basic form of style. At that time i dont know that prehistoric era (yes, that nenek moyang thingy) could contribute something in fashion world, but in fact, they did. The furs, Hair clip, One-shoulder dress, they all came from prehistoric era.
Then, Sumerian (the name for Mesopotamia's people) also contribute something then Egypt then then then then...
Okay, i should go back to my assignments. Enjoy you evening beautiful people, i love you..


Monday, October 8, 2012

Hit By Fact

Hello again Monday. If you are little bit confuse by link below categories at the left column, dont worry, those are only stories i write in this blog. I categorize them again in one title, so if you wanna read them continuesly, it is easier to look for. Thank you :)

Anyway, Paula Meliana came to my college today and she told all her experiences in fashion industry. If you dont know who Paula is, she is a fashion designer for Bridal Wedding Gallery named Eva Bun. Eva Bun itself is family business that owned by Paula's mother. As a daughter she continues the business.

What i got from her presentation today was not as fabulous as when i first thought about being a fashion designer. She really worked hard to being known as now.

Another thing is Paula never wanted to be a fashion designer. Her mom asked her to be one.

"Because 10 years ago, Fashion Designer was not as fancy as now and that was expensive. But my mom asked me, so, i continued my study in one of Design Institute in Los Angeles. At the first time, i wanted to be an architect." She said.

And she also said that it wasnt easy to market her collections and she needed to get link as many as possible.

"My mom also started this business from zero." She added.

Beside her explanation, she also told us about media, and how to promote our clothing line, for example. She said dont trust too much in media, because in one time they can change their mind about us.

If i can make conclusion to her presentation today i will say this is the bitter yet inspiring story. She made it, i think. I mean, beside her luckyness to have business to continue and not to start, she really wants to prove everyone that she can do it.

She also invited to have fashion show in Jakarta Fashion Week. She is good, isnt she?

Well, people, if i can add another thing, honestly, what i really got from her is you can be anything you desperately want IF you want to work harder than anyone, IF you want to pray harder than everyone, and IF you have more passion than everyone. Show people you do your job ebcause you are happy doing it, not because you are asked. Goodluck!




Untuk si dungu yang (ternyata) mampu membuatku patah hati

Maaf untuk adanya mereka. Maaf untuk kehadiran Mariska, Risma, Andin, Anya, Gisel. Adik kelas, kakak kelas, anak sekolah sebelah, anak kuliahan, anak teman Mama, anak teman Tante dan masih banyak lagi, bahkan aku sendiri tidak sanggup menghitung.
Aku pikir mereka bisa menghilangkan kamu dari pikiranku. Aku pikir mereka dengan segala pengalamannya bisa membuatku  berhenti memikirkanmu. Aku pikir kamu akan berhenti. Berhenti menyakiti dirimu. Karena tidak mudah jika kita berdua bersama..
Kamu (ternyata) berhenti. Berhenti muncul di hari Rabu, dan sejak saat itu rokok yang aku hisap terasa hambar.
Kamu berhenti duduk di bangku paling depan saat aku bermain menjadi bintang lapangan. Dan sejak saat itu bintangku meredup karena aku tidak lagi ingin mencetak angka.
Lalu aku mendengar suara tawa renyahmu disana. Ya, disana dengan orang lain. Disana dengan orang yang tidak lebih baik dalam segala hal dibandingkan aku. Tidak tampan, tidak pintar, tidak berkharisma, dan tidak-tidak yang lainnya. Tapi dia membuatmu tertawa. Membuatmu tersipu. Dia yang minus. Bukan aku.
Bajunya lusuh. Tapi dia membuat matamu berbinar.
Rambutnya acak-acakan. Tapi dia mampu membuatmu tergelak.
Dia minus. Dia minus. Aku plus. Tapi aku kalah telak. Kalah telak dalam segala hal tentangmu. Dia seperti mengenalmu lebih dari aku mengenalmu.
Lalu aku melihat kamu dengan dia. Berboncengan di atas motor berkarat berwarna merah. Motor berkarat yang mengalahkan aku dan mobil necis kinclong milikku. Telak.
Tidak tahan dengan kekalahanku sendiri, aku putuskan mendekatimu, bagaimanapun nanti hasilnya setidaknya, aku mencoba.
Esok paginya, aku tiba-tiba duduk di sampingmu. Mencoba mencairkan suasana, aku memanggil namamu dengan benar. Arimbi.
“Catatan fisika ya?” kamu mengeluarkan catatan fisika tanpa banyak tanya.
Aku diam. Tidak beranjak dari sampingnya. “Pulpen?” kamu menyodorkan pulpen.
Aku menggeleng. “Kalau catatan yang lain aku nggak bawa.”
Beberapa menit saling diam, aku beranjak pergi. Entah, mungkin ini saatnya aku harus merelakan kamu.

Hei dungu, kamu berhak berhenti menunggu. Karena nyatanya aku tak mampu.