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Monday, October 8, 2012

Hit By Fact

Hello again Monday. If you are little bit confuse by link below categories at the left column, dont worry, those are only stories i write in this blog. I categorize them again in one title, so if you wanna read them continuesly, it is easier to look for. Thank you :)

Anyway, Paula Meliana came to my college today and she told all her experiences in fashion industry. If you dont know who Paula is, she is a fashion designer for Bridal Wedding Gallery named Eva Bun. Eva Bun itself is family business that owned by Paula's mother. As a daughter she continues the business.

What i got from her presentation today was not as fabulous as when i first thought about being a fashion designer. She really worked hard to being known as now.

Another thing is Paula never wanted to be a fashion designer. Her mom asked her to be one.

"Because 10 years ago, Fashion Designer was not as fancy as now and that was expensive. But my mom asked me, so, i continued my study in one of Design Institute in Los Angeles. At the first time, i wanted to be an architect." She said.

And she also said that it wasnt easy to market her collections and she needed to get link as many as possible.

"My mom also started this business from zero." She added.

Beside her explanation, she also told us about media, and how to promote our clothing line, for example. She said dont trust too much in media, because in one time they can change their mind about us.

If i can make conclusion to her presentation today i will say this is the bitter yet inspiring story. She made it, i think. I mean, beside her luckyness to have business to continue and not to start, she really wants to prove everyone that she can do it.

She also invited to have fashion show in Jakarta Fashion Week. She is good, isnt she?

Well, people, if i can add another thing, honestly, what i really got from her is you can be anything you desperately want IF you want to work harder than anyone, IF you want to pray harder than everyone, and IF you have more passion than everyone. Show people you do your job ebcause you are happy doing it, not because you are asked. Goodluck!



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