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Friday, August 10, 2012

See You Later

Well, goodbye thingy is not a good topic to start a post but i am posting it anyway. Actually i just dont how to start it. I mean, do i need tell you the whole story or just the goodbye scene?
I am happy yet very proud of him. He continues his study there, in Missouri (do i write it correctly?) in America. Far away. That is exactly what he wants. And i am really glad he can achieve that. Anyway, i just want to thank him for a great friendship (cheesy, i know but it is so damn right) and Roya and the bag. Hehe.
I know you give something more than that.
Goodluck Satrio. I wish many best things happen to you there. New life, new atmosphere.
This aint goodbye because i dont feel losing you. Be safe. Be great.
We will meet. Soon.