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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Be My Back Up

I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You” written by and illustrated by Yumi Sakugawa, published in Sadie Magazine, 2012.
you can feel the pain, can't you?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Good Job, Dudes!

TwentyForSeven-Best Pop Songs 2012 Mashup


means "endless" and represents ∞ in mathematic's symbol. A simple symbol to reminds me that how life works. That is how people know that what goes around, comes back around. And why do I admire ∞ ? That symbol makes me control myself, makes me being good to everybody, being nice to people i hardly like, being honest to my parents, and makes me pray harder. And when sometimes I experienced bad moments, those remind me about how not good I was. You know, life is as simple as that. As long as you survive through your bad moments, you are gonna be good. Dont blame others, please, because this symbol and its meaning has made long time ago before we born. Everybody loves you if you want to pay attention, spare your time to choose the ones who really care about you and the ones who don't.  


Because it is my favorite symbol, Lemniscate becomes my personal brand for few assignments at school. For business purpose, i hope Lemniscate bring luck. It is a prayer that my business will be everlasting. Ehehehe. 

Anyway, today is Fashion Society, and i forgot bring my blue book. The text book content history of fashion (kind of). It is a must to bring that book every meeting and i dont bring it today. Aha-ha-ha-ha. I am toasted, man. Really. No joke.


Friday, January 11, 2013

Teman Nostalgia

"Takkan pernah merasa
Rasakan cinta yang kau beri
Ku terjebak di ruang nostalgia"
- Raisa

Beautiful Works

Website i would love to visit when i need fresh air : ponyanarchy.com

This is better than having chocolate as stress cure. What a beautiful work!

Jessica Celebre

Carlos Moreno

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dexter and Emma

Have you ever watched One Day? A beautiful sad movie starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. I dont want to be a spoiler but i really love this movie. They are bestfriends in benefit which have complicate yet sweet relationship. Dexter and Emma, they secretly fall in love to each other. But then they go separately. Dexter finally has a wife, and Emma becomes a teacher as she expects. This movie is complicate. Many scenes touch me but many scenes makes me feel like "I dont want this happens in my love life, really"
After hard, rough journey they end up be together. They are happy until Emma died because an accident.

I just.....dont get it. Why these people cant be together after those hard situations? Just why?

" If I can't talk to you, then what is the point of you? Of us?"
- Emma Morley


Hei kamu. Berhentilah mengejar dia yang tidak pernah menoleh ke arahmu, karena aku disini tidak pernah beranjak. Aku abaikan mereka yang membuang waktunya untukku. Aku disini duduk manis menunggumu. Berhentilah berharap padanya karena dia lelah kamu kejar. Berhentilah memanggil namanya karena dia bahkan tidak mencantumkan namamu dalam angannya. Tapi kamu tetap disana, menunggu dia yang menunggu orang lain. Menunggu dia mencampakkan yang lain lalu menyambutmu. Kamu tidak pernah tahu aku disini menunggu untuk kamu mengerti, aku disini, aku tidak pernah pergi. Tak aku indahkan orang di belakangku yang mengelukan namaku, aku hanya peduli kamu. Kamu yang ternyata tidak bisa berbagi hati bersamaku. Kamu yang hanya mampu melihat dia yang tidak pernah melihatmu, bahkan melirik saja tidak. Sesekali aku lihat kamu mencoba mendekatinya. Tapi dia berlalu, tanpa ingin berlama-lama bersamamu. Kamu menangis. Pahitkah rasanya ditolak dengan cara seperti itu?

Seseorang asing menyodorkan bunga untukku. Indah, tapi bukan dari kamu. ”Aku mencintainya. Sudah kukatakan itu padamu.” Jawabku pada si Asing.

”Aku tahu. Tapi apa enaknya mencintai tanpa dicintai, Cantik?”

”Hei, Asing, aku hanya mau dia.”

”Dan aku hanya mau kamu...”

Pesto Autentico

We were there for Sharon's birthday party and we had fun. Happy birthday, Sharon! xx

A Birthday Post

Thanks for all birthday wishes, everyone. I really love them. And thanks for not forgetting my birthday. I really appreciate that. I will remember your birthday, i promise.

I am obsessed by cupcakes lately. Do you know why i love them? Because they are small, sweet and stiff. And i can order them online. What a sweet way to order cupcakes. You can check it at hellocupcakescompany.com
 By the way they are having cupcakes charity program to help children. Well, i hope it will work. You can help them if you want.
Rio, thanks for the gift. You should put your photos more than my ex's photos. Ahahaha...
Nanda, thanks for the drawing, i love it :*
Danetaaaa, thanks for calling me old. :3

From my love(s). Love you guys. xx

Thanks Rio! Next time, no my ex photos ;)

Thanks @efmumtaz. This is somehow an epic photo with the silly me in it.
Thanks @danedanny :* This is too cute.

Sunday, January 6, 2013