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Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Current Love

So maybe this is a very late post of mine, because i actually want to post this just after i came back from I love Bazaar Jakarta last two or three weeks or even a month ago. And i personally went there because i wanted something to buy, and that wasn't clothes (even though in the end i also bought new outerwear), it was a local brand that sell natural body products (mostly) called Vimala. I never knew that there is such a brand in Indonesia, and I am so happy. I always have issues with my dry lips, and i tried to look for good quality lip balm that doesn't make me feel that my lips are thicker than it actually is. And I actually found one. And another good news is they have matcha flavour (yeay). And not only that, i also bought a solid perfume that has 'uplifting' smell and it does smell good. First, i was not quite sure to buy solid perfume, because the last time i tried Body Shop's musk solid perfume, my skin is itchy. But this one is not, because i regularly put it on my skin and it doesn't feel itchy. Fyi, this is not an endorsement post or whatever, i do this post willingly and i am glad doing that. So, if you guys are not really busy, visit their website here!

Friday, May 30, 2014

One Fine Day

I always into photography, i just can never look the other way even though i know that i am not that good, but i always have a little spare in my heart for photography. I especially like warm and low saturation editing and i just happen to fall hard. 

Cotton Ink Sweater & Dayne Snapback from Sama The Label

 Trust me, she didn't wake up like this.
Go to her blog here 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Post of The Day

Good day everyone! Before i go further, this is my personal post and my personal opinion, and you can agree or disagree with me. Anyway, i just got back from the gym with my roommate, and we took busway to the gym because it's very crowded out there and we didn't want to waste our time. So we walked to go to the busway station (is it what it's called?), just for your additional information, we wore casual gym clothes like t-shirts and pants. And when we walked down the street, some guys (i always call them abang-abang or mas-mas) said something with inappropriate tones. I didn't know why they always said thing with that kind of tone and making disgusting faces when we walked. What is going on? We wore appropriate clothes, for God's sake. They also can't shut up their mouth when we wore shirt and jeans. Like, seriously? And i always think people like that have mind disorder. Or all of them have a fucked up brain. Can't they imagine if their daughters or wives got treated like that? Can't they see that they will feel insulted too? Or maybe they don't have daughters. Well, that sounds impossible. I don't have good tips to avoid those perverts but all i know is they whistle to all moving boobs. Well, i feel insulted and it is one of sexual harassments. But unfortunately i can't press charges, because if i can, they will share place with murderer and thieves, so yeah. But it will make a better place, tho. So for guys who usually do that to women, please know that if someday you have daughters and wife, you don't want them treated that way. It's actually as simple as karma works, don't you see?


Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Beloved Peasants

Hello you guys!
So, these two days has been really great. It feels like a tiny getaway for me, and i did have fun. So yesterday i (finally) met Rio and then we finally re-united with my beloved busy cous. We had dessert at Marche, and really ate something at Yoshinoya (Rio craved rice and salty meal so, yeah..) and we watched the latest X-Men movie. The next day (which is today) i had to wake up early because my cousin registered us to Thalassemia Screening that sponsored by Rotary Organization. It's basically a preventive action to make us aware of what Thalassemia is and how to degrade it (by marrying someone who is not a Thalassemia carrier, you can decrease the possibility of your kids to have Thalassemia.) I always have issues with any disease, you know. I can easily become very paranoid about every not common disease I might have. I have the right to know that whether i am the carrier or not. And that was hurt. It's been too long since my last medical check up involving blood-taking. But that's fine. Anyway, we (almost) had lunch at Yoshinoya but we ended up at Pancious. I and my cousin had a delicious penne blue cheese carbonara (i just remembered the blue cheese part). Too bad we just had one nice photo-bomb. They were no fun. 

I love you, peasants. 

another new getaway.

Friday, May 23, 2014

(Not) Long Lost Post

Good afternoon, everyone! I really want to make a long post today, because it's been awhile i stop making post because most of them i dont what to write, and i am also busy with our final projects. We were just ready to produce some sample products, but the CMT let us down because it fully booked until the end of June. Suck, isn't it? So, yesterday we looked for another CMT, and we found one. I don't want to talk much about this project, i want this to be like a surprise, you know. And this morning, i got surprising email from someone i never expect, but i did receive the email. And the email was very thrilling yet making me so confused, because i am so ready for the invitation but i just can not receive it now. And it's just sad. But if they are fine with me changing the schedule, i will come to the interview. What so funny is i sent my cv that i should not send, and i thought it was so stupid because i never knew that nobody will take it seriously. I just don't know. Because i am very bad at choosing a priority. Anyway, Rio is already in Jakarta. And it doesn't make any easier for me to meet him, i just wonder why. We stay in the same region of city and his office is not that far, but yet it's still easier to talk to him via FaceTime. It's just weird. Hahahaha. He is missing his Chipotle, by the way.

Okay, talk to you later.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just An Ordinary Day

So i just got back from school. Today's subject was fine but also boring. Oh, and i lost my ATM card. It feels suck and I feel weak because i don't have enough money with me now, and it makes me feel powerless.

Anyway, this semester will be my last semester, so i am in the making of our final project now (it's group project) we already have one in mind and i am so excited (hehe). It's too soon to tell you guys what we are making.

And this afternoon (at 5:00 p.m. to be exact) i and my roommate helped our friend to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday on the rooftop. She is too sweet.

I am so exhausted, i should probably go get some sleep.