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Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Beloved Peasants

Hello you guys!
So, these two days has been really great. It feels like a tiny getaway for me, and i did have fun. So yesterday i (finally) met Rio and then we finally re-united with my beloved busy cous. We had dessert at Marche, and really ate something at Yoshinoya (Rio craved rice and salty meal so, yeah..) and we watched the latest X-Men movie. The next day (which is today) i had to wake up early because my cousin registered us to Thalassemia Screening that sponsored by Rotary Organization. It's basically a preventive action to make us aware of what Thalassemia is and how to degrade it (by marrying someone who is not a Thalassemia carrier, you can decrease the possibility of your kids to have Thalassemia.) I always have issues with any disease, you know. I can easily become very paranoid about every not common disease I might have. I have the right to know that whether i am the carrier or not. And that was hurt. It's been too long since my last medical check up involving blood-taking. But that's fine. Anyway, we (almost) had lunch at Yoshinoya but we ended up at Pancious. I and my cousin had a delicious penne blue cheese carbonara (i just remembered the blue cheese part). Too bad we just had one nice photo-bomb. They were no fun. 

I love you, peasants. 

another new getaway.

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