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Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Current Love

So maybe this is a very late post of mine, because i actually want to post this just after i came back from I love Bazaar Jakarta last two or three weeks or even a month ago. And i personally went there because i wanted something to buy, and that wasn't clothes (even though in the end i also bought new outerwear), it was a local brand that sell natural body products (mostly) called Vimala. I never knew that there is such a brand in Indonesia, and I am so happy. I always have issues with my dry lips, and i tried to look for good quality lip balm that doesn't make me feel that my lips are thicker than it actually is. And I actually found one. And another good news is they have matcha flavour (yeay). And not only that, i also bought a solid perfume that has 'uplifting' smell and it does smell good. First, i was not quite sure to buy solid perfume, because the last time i tried Body Shop's musk solid perfume, my skin is itchy. But this one is not, because i regularly put it on my skin and it doesn't feel itchy. Fyi, this is not an endorsement post or whatever, i do this post willingly and i am glad doing that. So, if you guys are not really busy, visit their website here!

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