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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Post Among Projects

Hello hectic week, thank God i can post something today. i write this post while i am preparing my group presentation for marketing tomorrow. wish me luck 'kay?

The funny thing is this is the first time i hear JKT48. Lame, i know but this girlband accompanies me making my whole project for this week. Okay, whatever.

what goes around, comes back around.

you do great, you got a great result as well.

note that.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 Definitions of Blog

1. where i can completely lose control of myself and tell everything to anyone who visit my blog accidentally. And i simply regret things i already posted but that wont be a problem because blogger.com always has the "delete" button.
2. where no one, i repeat, NO ONE has no permission to disturb me.
3. where my ideas arent rejected.
4. where my short stories take place.
5. where my photos belong.
6. where i easily ignore ugly* critics. i hardly receiving critics. critics are too destructive for me sometimes, even when they say "no offense, sorry to say, just saying, etc."
7.where i can bring my memories back. memories about everyone. about ex(es). frenemies. people i ever met. college. bestfriends. bitch(es) i hardly like.
8.where i can wonder why people keep hurting each other in the name of God.
9.where i cant be underestimated.
10.where the tenth definiton of blog for me reminds me i still have a real life.

- - -

what i love: looking at fancy stuff
what i hate: find out the price

#iamjustacomplicatedperson #iamsorry

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Karl Who?

Click here to see my favorite video of Alexa Chung's interview.

"It is not dream but, in the early morning i see things and put them on a piece of paper and dont question them.." Just Karl Lagerfeld.

"Coco Chanel once said, 'you cant buy style, i wonder if Karl agrees..' "

"You know the important thing is to have your style. Even people who have no style if they are happy with what we call a lack of style, that's their problem, no?" - Karl Lagerfeld

"If i am trying to buy one of the pieces of this collection, how much it costs?" - Chung

"You dont have to try, you just buy... err.. maybe 25.000 to 100.000 pounds.." - Lagerfeld

"Okay, i will start saving, who needs a house?" - Chung

Friday, November 9, 2012

I Always Am

i never wait for another slap. i only hope i can change the situation. when good karma hits me at the perfect time. when you, yes you, will look for me behind you, but so you know, i wont be there anymore. when you crawl back to me that day, i wont be there, sweetheart. i wont listen to your stories. i wont share any moment with you. this is not because i am mad or regret for what we had in the past, this only because i am trying to make myself feel better without you.

i will be fine. i always am.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

JFW Part 3

this the better quality photos. thanks to @anitatanita for giving me these photos. love!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

As Creator: Fashion Designer

Today in Job Task lecture, i just got questions; what kind of job that suits me the best, they were like quesioners, and those were interesting questions because i love all the job. The job were actually creators which means fashion designer, visualizer which means fashion photographer, stylist, the third was critic which works in fashion magazine or fashion tv, the last was seller which will work as retail manager, in sales department.

Guess what, mine was creator. the fashion designer one. I dont really believe that because i actually love photography and i love working in fashion magazine. but  i love drawing, i love datelines. call me silly or whatever, i am not that afraid of dateline. I mean, dateline should be exist so we can work as fast as we can and as good as it should be. Anyway, there was cute question in my opinion. why cute, because when i answered that question i thought about someone straightway. i dont need to mention a name, but i just gave a little smile when i saw the question. the question sounded like this:

In Relationship, you..

a. Tend to be more dominant partner
b. Would rather stay single than compromise the vision
c. Want an accomplished mate, but one who has succesess in a totally different field like finance or medicine, so you dont get competitive with him or her
d. Love to go out with different kinds of people, but you have a hard time committing.

p.s. i dont know, but i think i was also a dominant partner, but not that dominant, ah, whatever, C suits me best :p
And there are two questions i love the most 

Your fantasy way to shop

a. You shop at vintage couture auction and European flea markets
b. You shop at showrooms and sample sales a unique pieces
c. You pre order ready to wear from designers showrooms
d. You trusted personal shopper identfies the looks

p.s. if i can add my answer i will say, "shop at vintage couture auction and European flea markets (with my Mr. Successful-finance-or-medicine-worker)" lol!

Your dream workspace,
a. it is not a traditional office but rather an open space, with walls fiiled by inspiration boards
b. i hate office
c. it is a tidy corner office, with white chairs and fresh flowers
d. it is a warr oom full of charts and presentation materials      
p.s. i already can imagine how cute my office will be. hehe. 

Anyway, maybe creator is not bad at all. i love being fashion designer and i love earning money and stuff (who doesnt?), i love designing also. Ah, that is not gonna be a problem, tho. i am on the right track, anyway :p

Goodnite, see you soon..


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 Part 2

i am sorry for those low quality photos because i forgot to bring the memory card (fyi, i didnt forget bring the camera). that is not fine, actually. i almost didnt go there. i just felt so stupid. forgot bring camera to the event that i really wait for feels not good at all. i feel i missed something. that sucks. no good. okay, stop it. you know how it feels, dont you?

Anyway, i am very lucky. despite all my stupidness, i was very lucky got the invitations. i got three actually (by accident). you really dont want to hear it because i tell my friends that accident.

by the way, the show was great. i loved the way the models walk. really. they walked beautifully. and i show Dominique (you know, the model, ah, you must know her) on catwalk. oh she is so prettyy <3

beautiful people everywhere...

oh and thanks to @NINE12_ for giving me a chance. just thank you :')