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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 Definitions of Blog

1. where i can completely lose control of myself and tell everything to anyone who visit my blog accidentally. And i simply regret things i already posted but that wont be a problem because blogger.com always has the "delete" button.
2. where no one, i repeat, NO ONE has no permission to disturb me.
3. where my ideas arent rejected.
4. where my short stories take place.
5. where my photos belong.
6. where i easily ignore ugly* critics. i hardly receiving critics. critics are too destructive for me sometimes, even when they say "no offense, sorry to say, just saying, etc."
7.where i can bring my memories back. memories about everyone. about ex(es). frenemies. people i ever met. college. bestfriends. bitch(es) i hardly like.
8.where i can wonder why people keep hurting each other in the name of God.
9.where i cant be underestimated.
10.where the tenth definiton of blog for me reminds me i still have a real life.

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