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Thursday, January 30, 2014



Second post for today. My dad is still in the middle of meeting and i am trying to kill time by post another one. And i just opened my long lost posts and i found myself very depressed and lost and galau. Like, seriously? I really did that to myself, i mean torturing myself with such a bad post. Maybe i was too depressed and maybe i was too sad that day but still...

These are the posts
 I always am
And your life changed forever and
What breaks my heart easily
and also

We were in love. << this post is such a lame post. i can't even let you visit it (no link hehe).

But, there were reasons why i posted them so yeah, i will let it go.

Whole-Heartedly Fall

Good evening everyone
So today, my lecturer canceled our presentation project because we still have upcoming project which is bigger than a presentation about mega brands and their private labels (and also more exhausting). So, last Tuesday i made another project related to fashion editorials and fashion spread (sort of). You know how i love this kind of project. hehehehe. So, here they are.
Anyway i didn't happen to write the whole article. I just added something necessary and made it look full.

Source: Google

Source: Picture & Article Style.com

Source: Picture & Article Style.com
My favorite goes to Code Name: Parissiene. It is a Resort collection from Louis Vuitton and i love the colors Julie de Libran used. Beside colors, i really fall for the cutting and the way she made it like effortlessly stunning. She even didn't make it hard to like the collection. Easy going and very ready to wear. And the reason i chose Code Name: Parissiene is because de Libran inspired by French girl. Oh, and my two favorite pieces are number two from right side and black and white stripes dress with denim outerwear (find it by yourself).

Today's been great and i bought new lipstick because it's very cheap. hehehehe.

Anggi Lupitasari

Head Over Heels

I decided to think that my last post titled Mantan is way too sad and gloomy. But make no mistake, that is not my story, i just happened want to write something and it just written that way. Please dont blame my words, because some parts of them are from my deepest and darkest corner in my heart, but the rest is because i like you guys torture yourself. just kidding. hehehe. i am still working on my freaking never ending one hell way project. i am kind of sleepy, but it's not done yet so i need to (at least) make it near to done. good night from me.

the last but very not least, i think i am in love. 

with matthew

Friday, January 24, 2014


Jika kamu melihat tulisan ini, tersenyumlah. Karena ini untuk kamu. Untuk segala yang aku sebut milik kita. Untuk segala tangis dan tawa yang aku beri label 'Terima Kasih Semesta'. Untuk cerita yang kita buat bersama setahun ini. Untuk pelukan dan ciuman kita yang ternyata masih berbekas. Untuk cemburu milik aku untuk semua orang di dekat kamu.

Untuk genggaman tangan yang rasanya cukup. Untuk usapan rambut yang tidak pernah membuatku marah. Untuk bisikan sayang yang tidak lupa kamu ucapkan setiap malam.

Untuk kamu yang ternyata memilih pergi. Untuk kamu yang sedihnya, memilih untuk membahagiakan orang lain. Untuk kamu yang nyatanya memilih untuk berhenti untuk mencoba.

Jika kamu melihat tulisan ini, tersenyumlah, karena aku akan baik-baik saja. Karena semesta punya caranya sendiri untuk membuat kita bahagia.

Hei kamu,
adakah aku dalam benakmu? setidaknya saat malam ulang tahunku?


Being Frankly Honest

Good evening people who passing my blog, glad to have a chance making another post again. Anyway, i am doing my first project for my business portfolio subject. And i am not doing really fine because i cant magic-erase my pictures before i put them on indesign. The trigger of this post is my thought about 'assuming whom i talk about on twitter or my posts on blog.' Guess what, i don't talk about anyone here or wherever i wrote my post on. And it seems ridiculous if someone get pissed or mad for some posts which are never meant for them. It's a freaking gigantic world, what do you expect from assuming something and mostly make you pissed about it and it's not even for you?

Sometimes assuming can lead to the next phase of madness which is over-thinking. It's not good for the mind. And there's another one. this is just a question. why do people love retweeting a quoted tweet? and why do people think that's okay? guess what, it's not.

and why do people use retweet to reply a mention instead of reply. i mean, that's okay if it is about quoting some funny tweets or something like that, but do you really need to be...i dont know the name of this kind of people? retweet-abuser? i guess that's it. do you need to use retweet for the whole conversations you have in twitter? like, seriously?

I - most of the time - will let it go. But everyone have their own boiling point. so do i. make no mistake, i am not mad or even annoyed, but it's just too funny and honestly not necessary.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


hey again, people who pass my blog. i still have plenty time before assignments come back and somehow become a psycho and kill me (not literally). it's a common post as usual, but i really want to write yet don't know what to write, but i am glad i can. anyway, today was my first visual presentation project and it involved socks, pink, and monochromatic colour scheme. my partner and i made a temporary window display for our products. and it went well. Alhamdulillah. And okay, i dont know what to post actually.  

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Little Credit For Myself

Hi everyone who pass my blog, yesterday i celebrated my 20th birthday at Segarra with my beloved classmates. And i really love the gifts they gave me. And not only that i also appreciate the prayer they sent to me. I am really blessed to be surrounded by loving and caring friends this year. And i dont know what to say but Thank God you let me step into another higher phase in my life and i try to make it worth it and....

I guess that's it.

Such a nice birthday lunch-dinner

Yup. They did change my name.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Being 20.

Good evening people!
I still have so many time to make posts and which is good, but somehow i dont know what to write. I dont have have specific targets in 2014 but i have some targets that i hope i can achieve this year; such as finish my diploma in September 2014 and continue my study. Someone told me in the other day, when i suddenly throw ourselves in 'life partner' topic, he said that i am too young to talk about settling down, he told me to consider travelling before settling down. Going somewhere, enjoying life, meeting new people. Well, to be honest, it somehow opened my eyes. I mean, being 20 doesnt mean that you need to settle down so fast, because world can not stay beautiful forever. And i honestly never go anywhere.

Anyway, i fall for this song lately because of the lyrics and the way he sing it. Such a beautiful song i have to say. I bet you will say the same.

"But you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go"

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Everybody Moved On. So Did I.

Hello everyone who generously passing my blog, I spent my first five days of my holiday in Malang. Malang was very gloomy lately and I didn’t enjoy it at all (since my flight was delayed because of the gloomy weather) and I didn’t easily go anywhere thanks to the rain. Anyway I am very thankful because I pass the whole subjects this semester, Alhamdulillah, and the score is not bad. I am very very very grateful, because it was hard to be honest and we all nailed it.

Hehehe. Anyway, for Advertising subject, we made TV commercial (as I told you, we picked Furla as our fashion brand) and we made a great one. I personally satisfied. After this post, I will upload it. And thanks to Michael Andrian as our videographer and also the editor of the video. The video was taken in Liberica CafĂ© located in Pacific Place.  And the general concept was quite simple. We wanted to communicate how ‘Furla Candy Bag’ is preferable than other sweets. For women who crave sweets, they will choose Furla. And the video is made cute as well. Okay, I let you to decide. Hehehe.

And I am really excited to tell you that I also pass the Store Layout subject. I am very very relieved. I cant wait to show you the mood-board! Hehehe. I guess I am too excited.

Anyway, this week I am been working as farmer in Hay Day and an owner of my coffee shop in I Love Coffee game in Line, I kinda enjoy it, hehe. And oh I am really into Snapchat and I sent rio a lot of useless photos. Thank God it doesn’t last. Yeah, and he posted my posts to him on Path. Nice. Very nice.

I really have so many things to talk about here and I don’t want to be as gloomy as the weather, so I need to find activities. How about going to Gym and taking French course? It does sound good, doesn’t it?

Anyway, yesterday was my, Alex Turner, and Kahlil Gibran’s birthday. And, I am officially 20 years old. And I don’t know how times can fly this fast, omg. I am glad, because this year, I am feeling so grateful. I had pedicure in the morning and cut my hair, had ice cream and watched my favorite tv series. It’s very relaxing. And today was my first day of my 5th semester, and I went well, I guess. Although I wonder why my lecturer already gave me assignments.

Well, I guess that’s it. Good night, everyone.