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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Whole-Heartedly Fall

Good evening everyone
So today, my lecturer canceled our presentation project because we still have upcoming project which is bigger than a presentation about mega brands and their private labels (and also more exhausting). So, last Tuesday i made another project related to fashion editorials and fashion spread (sort of). You know how i love this kind of project. hehehehe. So, here they are.
Anyway i didn't happen to write the whole article. I just added something necessary and made it look full.

Source: Google

Source: Picture & Article Style.com

Source: Picture & Article Style.com
My favorite goes to Code Name: Parissiene. It is a Resort collection from Louis Vuitton and i love the colors Julie de Libran used. Beside colors, i really fall for the cutting and the way she made it like effortlessly stunning. She even didn't make it hard to like the collection. Easy going and very ready to wear. And the reason i chose Code Name: Parissiene is because de Libran inspired by French girl. Oh, and my two favorite pieces are number two from right side and black and white stripes dress with denim outerwear (find it by yourself).

Today's been great and i bought new lipstick because it's very cheap. hehehehe.

Anggi Lupitasari

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