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Friday, January 24, 2014

Being Frankly Honest

Good evening people who passing my blog, glad to have a chance making another post again. Anyway, i am doing my first project for my business portfolio subject. And i am not doing really fine because i cant magic-erase my pictures before i put them on indesign. The trigger of this post is my thought about 'assuming whom i talk about on twitter or my posts on blog.' Guess what, i don't talk about anyone here or wherever i wrote my post on. And it seems ridiculous if someone get pissed or mad for some posts which are never meant for them. It's a freaking gigantic world, what do you expect from assuming something and mostly make you pissed about it and it's not even for you?

Sometimes assuming can lead to the next phase of madness which is over-thinking. It's not good for the mind. And there's another one. this is just a question. why do people love retweeting a quoted tweet? and why do people think that's okay? guess what, it's not.

and why do people use retweet to reply a mention instead of reply. i mean, that's okay if it is about quoting some funny tweets or something like that, but do you really need to be...i dont know the name of this kind of people? retweet-abuser? i guess that's it. do you need to use retweet for the whole conversations you have in twitter? like, seriously?

I - most of the time - will let it go. But everyone have their own boiling point. so do i. make no mistake, i am not mad or even annoyed, but it's just too funny and honestly not necessary.

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