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Thursday, September 27, 2012

I (desperately) hope my ex doesnt click my blog's address and see all this mess. You know, he will goes mad if his photos show up in this blog. You knoooww~

A True Random Post

Aku tuh suka tiba-tiba ngiri sama orang lain yang diperhatiin sama mantanku loh, gak tau kenapa. padahal ya bukan salah mereka.Tapi kan bukan salah aku juga. Tapi.. Tapi... Tapi...

That kind of thinking starts this post. Really.

Dia tuh bisa beramah-tamah sama orang lain, but me.

Analoginya tuh kayak "twitteran bisa, bales bbm aku gak bisa." Nah kayak gitu. 

I know itu gak nyambung tapi kan sama aja ngeselinnya.

And i always blame everything on me. Everything. If he mad, i blame myself. If i mad because he made me, i also blame myself.

Ah yasudah. Udah mantan ini

Instagram's Posts

Sorry Guys, I Just Cant Help It



Another Thing I Love

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

There is No Money-Rain

What i love about Job Task Lecture is you will learn about your-dream-job descriptions. Like everything is possible here. You can be anything you want in fashion industry.

If someone said in zillion years ago (that i dont care anymore), you just cant get into this circle. A circle that only few people can get. Nope. Or being underestimated by everyone who really dont know.  You can say to them right now, "Be gone people. I will stay on my path and achieving all dreams i ever dreamt."

Fashion Editor, Fashion Photographer, Fashion Designers. I am talking to myself like what are you waiting for? This is what you really want. Like Oh My GOD! I am living in my own dream. 

Here, actually, i just want to say, dare to dream. You just dont know after you try. And while you are trying, just do your best because best works gain best results. You want it, you work for it. If my mom says "There is no Money-Rain." That is totally right, people. 

Maybe now if i want to work as intern in one company as assistant-fashion editor or assitant-fashion photographer, i dont run for money, i do run for my happiness, my passion. That is it. And this makes me want to have one more dream to achieve. I, someday, really to want have a company that gives people a chance to have experiences to work. I mean, if you have any experience, you will be appreciated better, wont you?

Or i will open a clothing line, the simple one, but still lovable. This is my old dream and it is still there, in my mind. I will work for it, people. Watch over me.

Oh last words, it is never too late to start doing something you love. You can be everything you want. Just dare to dream. Then, make it happen. Goodluck for everyone here!


Friday, September 21, 2012

We Were In Love

Curhat boleh dikit dong ya. Nggak banyak yang liat ini kan? Janji deh cuman sekali ini.

Boleh dong kangen mantan. Gak dosa kannnnn?
Gak heran, for me, forgetting someone is not an easy job so this ex gonna need more time because he was the best until this time. I already said to him that only two guys are better than him. But I cant go for them or one of them. They are just...not you, Ex. This is my true reason. They are not you. It is not because i cant date them or something, but only because they are not you. They are not as special as you, if i can say.
They are not touching higher level of humbleness, like you. And they cant even beat your sweetness. I love your eyes, and they dont even have yours. And you made drawing better than anyone. And your smile beat every beautiful things around me, like you absorb all my attention. I love your tan skin. I always made a joke about your tan skin but the truth is i just adore your skin. I love your scent. I think i love almost everything.
And i miss how we shared love. How we loved the same things, photography, drawing, music. Simpler than you think but it built me, somehow. Built this me in the present time. And thanks to you.
I am not asking you to stay or even go back together, we just cant, remember? You cant. I appreciate it and i will go somewhere. Plus, we are not going to look for each other or meeting in the future so you dont need to worry, you are save from me.

xx R. I am just missing you. Missing us.

What I Love

Hello people! I hope you are having a good day. I am listening to Kamga via Youtube while writing this post. Gosh! His voice just amazing! You have to see this! He sang I Heart You from SM*SH and he did sound better than that seven guys. He even changed the lyric and sounds really romantic. He really got talent!

Anywayyyyy people, i want to share something. My designs for Dress Me Up Competition. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Best Guy-Friend

And when you have bestfriend that you dont need to shy to tell everything even your great sin. Have a good life, bestfriend! :)


Hey everyone, below are my designs. I just want to post it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Before Dinner

Hello again, world.

I just done my designs for competition that held by @dressmeupindo (if i am not mistaken), you can check the web here www.dressmeupindo.com

I design four casual clothes for Gisel and Tantri. I dont know how to win but i am doing my best. My deadline is not so far, eventually. But, yes, no doubt this is my thing. I mean, i dont asked or insisted by people to join this competition, yeah you know. I love doing this. Even if i dont get the chance to show my design in Jakarta Fashion Week, that is gonna be okay at all because i still can use those designs for my own. Hehe.
Anywayyyy, my school activites got real. Well, my Fashion Phenomena lecturer's - Miss Maria - already gave the Final Project today and i am about to work on it. Wish me luck, yes?

And friends are still nice.

And why i titled this post "Before Dinner" because i wrote this before i go eat my dinner. hehehe

Cao People! I love you all :)

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Little Time Before Catching Busway

Hello again. This post is made before i go to LaSalle today. Well, yes, i enjoy my study this far. but i dont know how far. Friends are still nice and very friendly. And i dont know until when, hehe.
Now 7:38 am and i will go to catch busway at 8:00 am.

I really want to upload some photos but i dont prepare them yet so next post gonna be a photo post. I really dont know what to write but i always love writing.

Anggi Lupitasari

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This How Dreams Started

Today was my second day in LaSalle College International as freshmen. I enjoyed it this far. Many good people yet so beautiful there. I mean, they are like flawless and effortlessly beautiful, you know. And about the lecturer, they are all good, oh no! They are the best! I really enjoy every second studying there. Beside, i love how school looks. Cute things put everywhere.

If, someday in 3 years i say "i am tired of all this" i will look at this post and many posts before this so i can remember again how i really want this kind of life.

Goodluck myself!!!!