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Friday, September 21, 2012

We Were In Love

Curhat boleh dikit dong ya. Nggak banyak yang liat ini kan? Janji deh cuman sekali ini.

Boleh dong kangen mantan. Gak dosa kannnnn?
Gak heran, for me, forgetting someone is not an easy job so this ex gonna need more time because he was the best until this time. I already said to him that only two guys are better than him. But I cant go for them or one of them. They are just...not you, Ex. This is my true reason. They are not you. It is not because i cant date them or something, but only because they are not you. They are not as special as you, if i can say.
They are not touching higher level of humbleness, like you. And they cant even beat your sweetness. I love your eyes, and they dont even have yours. And you made drawing better than anyone. And your smile beat every beautiful things around me, like you absorb all my attention. I love your tan skin. I always made a joke about your tan skin but the truth is i just adore your skin. I love your scent. I think i love almost everything.
And i miss how we shared love. How we loved the same things, photography, drawing, music. Simpler than you think but it built me, somehow. Built this me in the present time. And thanks to you.
I am not asking you to stay or even go back together, we just cant, remember? You cant. I appreciate it and i will go somewhere. Plus, we are not going to look for each other or meeting in the future so you dont need to worry, you are save from me.

xx R. I am just missing you. Missing us.

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