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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

There is No Money-Rain

What i love about Job Task Lecture is you will learn about your-dream-job descriptions. Like everything is possible here. You can be anything you want in fashion industry.

If someone said in zillion years ago (that i dont care anymore), you just cant get into this circle. A circle that only few people can get. Nope. Or being underestimated by everyone who really dont know.  You can say to them right now, "Be gone people. I will stay on my path and achieving all dreams i ever dreamt."

Fashion Editor, Fashion Photographer, Fashion Designers. I am talking to myself like what are you waiting for? This is what you really want. Like Oh My GOD! I am living in my own dream. 

Here, actually, i just want to say, dare to dream. You just dont know after you try. And while you are trying, just do your best because best works gain best results. You want it, you work for it. If my mom says "There is no Money-Rain." That is totally right, people. 

Maybe now if i want to work as intern in one company as assistant-fashion editor or assitant-fashion photographer, i dont run for money, i do run for my happiness, my passion. That is it. And this makes me want to have one more dream to achieve. I, someday, really to want have a company that gives people a chance to have experiences to work. I mean, if you have any experience, you will be appreciated better, wont you?

Or i will open a clothing line, the simple one, but still lovable. This is my old dream and it is still there, in my mind. I will work for it, people. Watch over me.

Oh last words, it is never too late to start doing something you love. You can be everything you want. Just dare to dream. Then, make it happen. Goodluck for everyone here!


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