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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Before Dinner

Hello again, world.

I just done my designs for competition that held by @dressmeupindo (if i am not mistaken), you can check the web here www.dressmeupindo.com

I design four casual clothes for Gisel and Tantri. I dont know how to win but i am doing my best. My deadline is not so far, eventually. But, yes, no doubt this is my thing. I mean, i dont asked or insisted by people to join this competition, yeah you know. I love doing this. Even if i dont get the chance to show my design in Jakarta Fashion Week, that is gonna be okay at all because i still can use those designs for my own. Hehe.
Anywayyyy, my school activites got real. Well, my Fashion Phenomena lecturer's - Miss Maria - already gave the Final Project today and i am about to work on it. Wish me luck, yes?

And friends are still nice.

And why i titled this post "Before Dinner" because i wrote this before i go eat my dinner. hehehe

Cao People! I love you all :)

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