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Friday, December 30, 2011

Making Me Cry

The most desperate songs I ever heard are
1. Fox Rain - Lee Sun Hee. The soundtrack of korea drama series titled My Girlfriend is Gumiho. That makes me cry while watching that drama. I don't know why, but that film is sooo me.

2. Someone Like You - Adele. This is the song of the year. The lyric is so cheesy and so dramatic. Well, it also almost makes me cry, especially when Afgan sang it at one of national tv channel.

3. Like We Used To - A Rocket to The Moon. I heard this song many times but I just realized that this song is desperating sad. Can you imagine you as her/his ex see your ex go steady with someone else and you know you are better than her/him, but only you that realise it? Well, that kinda sad, thou?

4. Unfriend You - Greyson Chance. Song from 13 years old boy is soooo damn great! With a great voice and desperately great song.

5. Friends, Lovers, or Nothing - John Mayer. Okay. This song is so me. Nuff said.

Choose yours? :p

Anggi Lupitasari

Re: Good Mail Project

i play a game with kak Dita (owner of handmadenest). The game called Good Mail Project. And here is the reply from kak Dita Maulani :)

From: dita.maulani@gmail.com
To: guagua_anggi@yahoo.com

Welcome, Anggi!

Dita Maulani

Jalas A_____ R___ No. 4, I___________, ______, 16153 (085********)

most wanted : loose t-shirt or tank top with illustration
(I've got glittery handmade leggings I might send you. Kamu size S/M kan?)

Happy holidays!



i got problems i cant solve in 2011. but i am sure i will find the way in 2012. i will start with number one then :D

1. i have to decide where i need to continue my study. maybe i know what majority i will take but i cant decide where i continue my study. i have checked many university but still i cant decide it. Maybe i will go back to Jakarta or Bandung but i dont know which university i will take. hehe

2. Be a good girl. I am still doing it now but still i am not succeed yet.

3. Be a good prayer.

4. I pass the really final exam, i mean UN. because it will be the final exam i get in my highschool life. hehehe. and i can continue my study to the university and take the accounting majority. amen.

5. I wanna go to France. Yes. France will be the first country i visit. And Paris is the first city i will live in. I really wanna live there with another different atmospher. Yes, Paris, wait for me. Save your Eiffel for me okay ;)

6. I will manage my time so i have a myself-quality-time to manage my emotion. i really cant manage my emotions in some condition.

7. One more important thing; last but not least: forget and forgive everyone and everything. Because once said, if you wanna be happy you need to forgive, forget and let yourself happy. Thanks to the advice, anyway. Make peace not war.

That is all my coming solution. Hope my problems can be solved.

"It is only in misery that we recognize 
the hand of God leading good men to good." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I Put Them In the Bottle

January is about to come and we have to leave 2011. Well, past is a past, dear, you have to live with or without it.
Anyway, i got so many stories. Let's chek it out.

January 2011
Well not so many stories but I had a not-so-happy birthday but still happy. My (suck) ex-boyfriend seems forgot my birthday and cant come to my birthday last year. So lucky me my 18th birthday will be full of my beloved family and friends. I really hope so! Oh but, for my ex, thanks for the letter anyway. i really appreciate it. And also for the tears you made. Thanks :)
Oh, i wanna thank you to Rayo who gave me cute fox doll, i named it Roya. <3

February 2011
Let me think, how about got sweet Valentine? Ah... not really. Looks i didnt receive anything except... cry. Thanks again, Ex! :D Oh anyway, my best-boy-friend, Rayo, celebrate his birthday on 14th February. Is that cute? I gave him a dark-brown wallet, and he likes it. :) Ohhh my sweet cousin also celebrate her sweet 17. May God always bless you, fellows. :)

March 2011
What did i get in March 2011? I got.....maybe something, but i really forgot. Sorry, maybe another silly celebration with my Ex. So laaaaaassst years.

April 2011
Oh there is another celebration in April. My bestest, Irene, celebrate her sweet 17 in Harmoni. And you know what i went to there wore sandals. Okay, that is funny and also unforgettable.

May 2011
Em... Have no idea. I did nothing special that month.

June 2011
I did final exam this month and i had an holiday back to Jekardah! Oh, i almost forgot something. i followed journalist competition which is presented by DBL with my friend, Millah. I was so exited yet so tired. But i got so many experiences ;) just thanks to the chance.

July 2011
I broke up with my boyfriend. Okay, that is good yet sad. I need almost 4 month to become friends with him. That is cheesy, i know but that is pathetically true. I admit it, people. Of course, i am not ashamed, that is the risk i have to take. That is okay. We are friends now.

August 2011
I became 3 grade in SHS 3 Malang and feeling so exhausted because of papers, tasks and many many many things to do. but i am okay. I am not really care of scores or anything like cheatting things. I did my best, and God will take the rest. Enough said.

September 2011
I think about being a photograper but i think twice, i will feel comfort if i got finance background so, i decided to put accounting majority in college. Just pray for me.

October 2011
That month was the greatest month of the year. Because my school held the most happening event in Malang. Yes it is. PSCS. And i am the one of the crew. :)

November 2011
My school held Bedhol Bhawikarsu. We went to village named..... i forgot it. But it is near Nongkojajar. I really forgot it. But that village is so beautiful. I bring home many bouquet of crisan flowers and they are all very beautiful. We also went to the green house where the crisans live and grow and at last be sold.

December 2011
I had final exam in first smester. Not that great but that is mine. I gave my best shot, so God will take the rest :) Maybe not know, not for my damn scores, but for me, my future and ME. Not them ;) *no offense*

Okaaaaaay, that was my caledioskop. Not very special, but that was mine, my things and my belongings. Hehehe.

I wont erase anything. That what i called by acceptting the truth. I will take it and put it into the bottle. So i can learn anything from my past.

God, please bring me another nice days in 2012. And i dont forget to thank you for everything u gave to me in 2011. Thank you very much. Oh, Thank you for taking care of my Mom and Dad, and my brother. Thank youuuuu so bad! I love you God. Sorry for being a bad girl because i lied, i did bad things. I really am sorry God. But thank you because You always forgive me :)


Anggi Lupitasari


In October 2011 i got the most happening gig in town. My school proudly presented the most happening event in Malang called Pagelaran Seni Citra Smanti and well known as PSCS. In this event, SMANTI presented many talented show of students from SHS 3 Malang. One of the purpose of this event is students of SHS 3 Malang can own the stage while they are studying.

My last photo post with The Unknown Artist and Papercraft are for this big event. They kindly want me to take their photos.

Why i call PSCS as Hip Gig in Town? Because this event aint for only SHS 3 Malang's students but also for AREMA (people in Malang).

Me as a committee of documentary has a job to take the photos of all the events. From coordinator meeting, prepare the video for PSCS, untill the day of the event. But that is my hobby, it cant be so hard, thou :)

Enjoy the Show, Fellos!





















PSCS 2011 at UMM DOME October 2011

The Unknown Papercraft

I always want to upload photos i take for my school band but i got so little time. So, today i have so many time and i will give you some. enjoy! There are two bands i take care and here they are! The Unknown Artist and Papercraft

Get Your Own Life

i often hear or see people say "Get a life, Dude!" but i also often wonder if many people cant get their life for some reasons. get my drift, pal?
let me give you the analogy.
There is people named A, he is brokenhearted, and start tweeting to make his ex-girlfriend feel pity and wanna come back to him.

On other side, people called B is kinda ideal. He has a almost-erpfect life with good job and beloved wife. Then, B tweets like this "Get a life, Dude! You still have many fishes out there!"

I often agree with B but i also very sorry for A. How can he gets a life if someone out there take one part of his life?

B never know how hard A wants to "get his life"!


Anggi Lupitasari

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fellow named A

i got friend. A. that is his initial. i adore him like everybody always do. enough said.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quote of The Day

"The best thing u can do if you wanna be closer to someone you love is being his friend. Being his friends never hurt him, but sometimes it would hurt you." - Me

I love you. That is why, I take this way. To be closer.


You know the feeling when u really wanna write something on your blog but u have no word to say. I am feeling it right now.


You know the feeling when everything seems not really right. Everyone stares at you like you are wrong and not good. Everyone doubt you and say "you can't do this, you can't do that"
Who are you? Are you God or something who can judge everything? Maybe you are right, I aint perfect, but still, nobody is perfect. Stop look yourself as the best. Bcs you are not.
Enough said.


Hey there. Hope u get a great life out there. Me? I am okay without you here.
What? I don't really miss you but sometimes your smell still lingers here. Oh, I am sorry. I never know u liked somebody. You never told me before. Oh! You got engaged! Congraaatttss. I.. Really... Don't... Know...
You miss me? Why do you miss me? You are engaged now. You can't. No of course! I don't miss you, brother. I ..never..miss you.. Do you want to hear my story? I met someone in my class. He is charming and so-prince-look-like. But I am not ready yet for a relationship. Oh, okay, you can go, ignore. Yes, I know she is important. Bye.

I. Miss. You. So.

I. Can't. Figure. It. Out