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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hey there. Hope u get a great life out there. Me? I am okay without you here.
What? I don't really miss you but sometimes your smell still lingers here. Oh, I am sorry. I never know u liked somebody. You never told me before. Oh! You got engaged! Congraaatttss. I.. Really... Don't... Know...
You miss me? Why do you miss me? You are engaged now. You can't. No of course! I don't miss you, brother. I ..never..miss you.. Do you want to hear my story? I met someone in my class. He is charming and so-prince-look-like. But I am not ready yet for a relationship. Oh, okay, you can go, ignore. Yes, I know she is important. Bye.

I. Miss. You. So.

I. Can't. Figure. It. Out

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