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Friday, December 30, 2011


i got problems i cant solve in 2011. but i am sure i will find the way in 2012. i will start with number one then :D

1. i have to decide where i need to continue my study. maybe i know what majority i will take but i cant decide where i continue my study. i have checked many university but still i cant decide it. Maybe i will go back to Jakarta or Bandung but i dont know which university i will take. hehe

2. Be a good girl. I am still doing it now but still i am not succeed yet.

3. Be a good prayer.

4. I pass the really final exam, i mean UN. because it will be the final exam i get in my highschool life. hehehe. and i can continue my study to the university and take the accounting majority. amen.

5. I wanna go to France. Yes. France will be the first country i visit. And Paris is the first city i will live in. I really wanna live there with another different atmospher. Yes, Paris, wait for me. Save your Eiffel for me okay ;)

6. I will manage my time so i have a myself-quality-time to manage my emotion. i really cant manage my emotions in some condition.

7. One more important thing; last but not least: forget and forgive everyone and everything. Because once said, if you wanna be happy you need to forgive, forget and let yourself happy. Thanks to the advice, anyway. Make peace not war.

That is all my coming solution. Hope my problems can be solved.

"It is only in misery that we recognize 
the hand of God leading good men to good." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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