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Friday, December 30, 2011

Get Your Own Life

i often hear or see people say "Get a life, Dude!" but i also often wonder if many people cant get their life for some reasons. get my drift, pal?
let me give you the analogy.
There is people named A, he is brokenhearted, and start tweeting to make his ex-girlfriend feel pity and wanna come back to him.

On other side, people called B is kinda ideal. He has a almost-erpfect life with good job and beloved wife. Then, B tweets like this "Get a life, Dude! You still have many fishes out there!"

I often agree with B but i also very sorry for A. How can he gets a life if someone out there take one part of his life?

B never know how hard A wants to "get his life"!


Anggi Lupitasari

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