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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quote of The Day

"Keep your eyes open, Dear. You just never know." - Anggi Lupitasari

HBD Kahlil Gibran

Yes. he was celebrating it too on my birthday. i wish he still alive si we can celebrate our birthday together. hehehehe
you are an inspiration. like blooms, fruit and love.

i adore him. his poems are masterpieces. i wish i ever met you...

Happy Birthday Kahlil Gibran :)


i almost forget my 18th birthday. hahaha. actually on 6th january of 2012 i celebrated my 18th birthday. happy birthday to meee! hehehe

thanks for someone who gave a sweet gift for me that day. that makes me adore you more, anyway.
and i cant forget what my dad and mom gave to me! hahaha. that would be my secret until my next post! be ready! cause me really love it.
and also thanks to my sweet brother who accompanied me until 00:00 hehehehe. *hugs*
Thanks for the failed surprise, fellow. i kinda...liked it too. hahaha.


Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year It Is

Heeeelllyeah! 2012 is coming! I spent my new year eve with my family walking home from Grand Indonesia. After my mom went shopping, we walked in the people ocean because HI Boulevard was soooo crowded full of people waited for 00:00. Haha. My mom stressed and walked so fast. I couldn't believe that we walked from HI boulevard until Kebon Sirih, my dad's office. and after that we gone home.

p.s. For someone who tried to ruin my NYE. That WAS NOT work! Eat that, Jerk!!


Thanks for being my moodboosters.
Thanks a lot for your shoulder when I cried.
Thanks for your advice and everything I got from you all.

Thanks Daneta, Desti, Erika, Nova, Nanda, Millah ♥
Hope we will be stick together in 2012.

*hugs and kisses*

Anggi Lupitasari