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Thursday, August 18, 2011


I got many friends and she is one of the best ;)

Spend the night ;)

Hi Chubby!

You know, I am not good being a model

Oh my silly face.

She is Rinanda with a cute-pink-shirt. Look at us. Are we cute? ;)
Thanks for a friend who takes our picture, so sorry i cant promote you because you have no blog, but we all know he is a good photographer. Thanks Kakung for you kindness.


You have to choose, but you just can't. And you know when you choose, someone will leave apart. He will leave you. And that makes everything complicate. But once again you have to choose.

"And when you still cant get your decision, time will." 

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Bicycling is currently being a trend. At schools and college. Everybody is bicycling. And we start knowing Fixie. And last sunday, i took many pictures of the riders. Anyway, they arent only bicycling, they also could do acrobat on their fixie. How great it is.

"we gotta wake up wake up early in the morning
before the traffic traffic traffic jam is on"
- RAN (Sepeda)

They Have Two Faces

Have you ever seen manga character in a real life? Or you just can see them in their movie? Let me introduce you cosplayers. Cosplayers are people who dress up like a character in japanese cartoon. Sometimes they can be Kamen Rider, sometimes they can be Inuyasha or they can create their own manga character. Anyway, lucky me that i could know the cosplayer's community. They are Cosuki. The best cosplayer community in East Java.

"Please dont hurt me. I just wanna drink."

Gaara Loves Pocari Sweat

This character might be famous :p

p.s. all photos above are my courtesy. I took them when i join photography contest that sponsored by Pocari Sweat. This post aint an advertisement.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

No Frenemie, No Friends in Benefit

"Hate to say, but sometimes when we got bad impression of someone, at last ‘that’ someone who will be our bestfriend. Our BFF, actually"
- Me

Maybe you are wondering why I can say like this. Because, when we meet people at very first time, plus, they didn't give good impressions to us, we can't say we like them.
But, time isn't stop ticking. Sooner or later, we will know them well. And the impressions could change. And this is what I always feel. And when people say, "don't judge a book from its cover", they really mean it.

Anggi Lupitasari

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sparkling as She Has to Be

For me, all photographers are my inspirations and this is the most inspiring blog of photography i have ever seen. Lemme give you clue. She is from Japan. And all photos that i adore is unique : the models are flying which means their feet aren't in the ground.

And if you still can't catch my drift i will show you some ;)

Okay, why are you so clueless?
Yes! She is! Yowaaaa from Japan. She really is good.  Hope i can contact her. You will visit her blog, wont you? I dont need to ask you :p Anyway if i have ten thumbs, i will give it all. 

Anggi Lupitasari

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cheesy :')

One of many song lyrics that I love.
"How can I move on when I'm still in love with you" - The Script (The Man Who Can't Be Moved)

And some makes me laugh like this one.
"This is easy as lovers go, so don't complicate it by hesitating" - Dashboard Confessional (As Lovers Go)
"Baby, don't worry, you are my only.You won't be lonely. Even if the sky is falling down" - Jay Sean (Down)

And sometimes, the lyric is too cheesy to be true.
"We have a bond that's unbreakable,and it's not time to let it go " - Lionel Richie (I Call It Love)

And, however, I felt that the lyric is same with my feelings.
"This is the way you left me, I'm not pretending" - Mika (Happy Ending)
"I used to say that you were everything,you got your way but not anymore" - Pearson (Don't Miss You)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Someday, oh no, I mean, tomorrow (even I don't know when) I really want my name is written as photographer for any fashion blogger. Their photographers reallyyyyyy are good. I love way they choose the place, the angle. oh GOSH. They are RAWK! Until I read @diamondhurts blog I never know who Timur Angin is. Is this male's name? Or female's name. Ah, whatev, he/she is good at photography. Everything look perfect, look good. The photos are amazing, did i tell you this part? The blog really is good too (www.diamondhurts.blogspot.com). She looked rebel on many of her photos (I mean diamondhurts no the photographer). She really looked into her photos. Okay, anyone who can find me a role model like that, i will be very thankful. Hoho. I think, this is what i have been looking for. Be a photographer of fashion bloggers. I love photography and i love when every photos i take makes my role model or everyone smile and be thankful for what i've done. Maybe this is what Diana Rikasari means about her passion. Thanks for opening my eyes.

"I adore me and myself. But I really adore ones who inspired me."
- Anggi Lupitasari

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


my wishes from now on until 10 years later

1. 2012 is not the end of the world (really hope this one)
2. Done my study at SHS 3 Malang - achieve good scores is included
3. Continue my study at University of Indonesia
4. Done my study at University of Indonesia in 2016
5. Make clothing line with BFF
6. Be a success freelance accountant
7. Got engaged
8. Got married - when i really am ready.
9. Got babies
10. Make my parents and myself proud of me.

"There is a will, there is a way"
- Unknown

Blessed Month

Curently, most of my friends are fasting, this is fasting month, before, i want to tell you all, Happy Fasting, My Fellas. And this is a bad and also good news for me. The bad one is i can't eat in front of them for a month which means i also do fasting. The good news is, i got a long long holiday. Haha. That sounds good, heh?  Yes, that sounds really good. Beside, my school will shorten the lesson schedule. That is really a good one. I will get home soon this month. Eh? Suddenly i remembered Opick, one of those Islamic singer. Oh, i was randomizing, forgive me. hehehe. This month really is blessed month. I hope you can fasting as expected, my friends. Be blessed. 0:)

Patriotism Never Looked This Good!

That is Daniel Mananta's quote as he own the clothing line or distro called Damn! I Love IndonesiaD!ILI). Since I got there with my family in June, I realized that he really concern about patriotism new look. Anyway, I love most of his clothes. I love the jacket, yes of course. That is markable. I saw them first at JavaJazz'11. RAN wore it as their costum at that time. I just realized when I got to D!LI. (
For me, patriotism is not only about military thing or dictactorionship. We can make another way. And this is one of many good way to start realizing Indonesia is a good country. We got many talented people, many good sources, many links, why we have to looke for other country. Grass's neighbors is not always good, is it? SO, start loving your own country. That is very ashameful if you live and be a citizenship of one country but you tell other people you hate and sick of you own country. Not only ashameful, but also pathetic.

D!LI at Grand Indonesia

"Patriotism Never Looked This Good"- Daniel Mananta as the owner

Hi! We are proud to wear batik!

Proudly to be Indonesian

Model : Desti

"You know, it's a very sexiest society, Indonesia."
- Fisher Stevens

It Gets Harder, It Gets Worth It

I never told you this is gonna be easy, like it seems, it is harder than i thought, but it tests my patience. In seven days i will know. :) wish me luck.

Anggi Lupitasari