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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Patriotism Never Looked This Good!

That is Daniel Mananta's quote as he own the clothing line or distro called Damn! I Love IndonesiaD!ILI). Since I got there with my family in June, I realized that he really concern about patriotism new look. Anyway, I love most of his clothes. I love the jacket, yes of course. That is markable. I saw them first at JavaJazz'11. RAN wore it as their costum at that time. I just realized when I got to D!LI. (
For me, patriotism is not only about military thing or dictactorionship. We can make another way. And this is one of many good way to start realizing Indonesia is a good country. We got many talented people, many good sources, many links, why we have to looke for other country. Grass's neighbors is not always good, is it? SO, start loving your own country. That is very ashameful if you live and be a citizenship of one country but you tell other people you hate and sick of you own country. Not only ashameful, but also pathetic.

D!LI at Grand Indonesia

"Patriotism Never Looked This Good"- Daniel Mananta as the owner

Hi! We are proud to wear batik!

Proudly to be Indonesian

Model : Desti

"You know, it's a very sexiest society, Indonesia."
- Fisher Stevens

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