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Monday, February 25, 2013

Good Memory

Do you know how do i feel while watching video then Stay from Rihanna is also played? I am feeling fragile. I miss how happy i was when i made this video, I miss the feeling how silly i was in this video. I miss you both! <3 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Deden Siswanto Stole the Runway

I am enchanted for sure.

Oh, I almost forget to tell you what Indonesia Fashion Week was like. Deden Siswanto is too magical. Yes, he nailed it. yes, yes, he was extremely perfect in many ways. Just purrrrfect. I loved his fashion show. It feels like you watch the greatest movie ever, and when you finish, you dont know what to do, because that movie absorb your whole soul. And, his show is just like the greatest movie. Deden Siswanto was performing his collection for Pinot Noir. A-ready-to-wear men collection that inspired of A Walk In the Cloud. A romantic film in 1995 that is starring by Keanu Reeves.

With dramatic entrance, models walked on the runway and presenting modern yet vintage collection from Deden. It is not only the collection that mesmerizing but also the way models walked. They walked very slowly and dramatic. That made them looked like a living mannequins. Perfect and "cold".  But it didn't stop there, the music that played during the show also witch me. Deden knew how to make men's collection look perfectly beautiful.  Once again, he is a genius.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

What an Assignment!

This is a tough week, tasks are everywhere. the dead lines are trying to chase me and kill me. Oh yes, now i know why it is called by "dead". And my communication mix's lecturer love giving us papers. And before we can finish the event proposal for our brands, he - nicely - gives us another task. But, before he said it is a task, he gave us an Indonesian Fashion Week invitation. Each of us. And i screamed internally. Now i dont need to win a game. Hehehe.

Then, while i was still in an euphoria, he wrote on the board and said "you must come to this event, and gives me the fashion report then." "Oh.. Sir, dont you forget, there is still an event proposal we need to finish?" i asked to myself. deep down in my heart, i know i am screwed, but the outer part of my heart, i am just freaking excited.  Anyway, i should stop blogging and continue doing my tasks. So, have a nice friday night you, couple person. Happy valentine! I already got my gift!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


You must be so familiar with Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother. Yes, that poor guy who must waits until the finale season to meet his soulmate, and during his journey finding his soulmate, he falls in love to the same person aka his bestfriend aka his bestfriend's wife. Robin. That is awful. That is an irony when you naively believe that you already found your soulmate but the fact is you dont. When you think you can cheat universe and predict future and whisper to yourself "i found him."

That is the point of being "just friend". I already said to you, you are my matthew, and i am gonna be your marcel. vice versa. And if i were Ted, i dont want you to be Robin, i want you to be Barney or Marshal. We love, fight, hug as friends. That is what i want. That is beautiful, i count that as blessing. Plus, we are good at being friends, you know. ;)
I dont want to be tacky, but, i love you, bestfriend. Happy Birthday!

i am gonna be matthew, then.
p.s please dont read this just after you wake up. :p 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Gloomy Post

You know what does hurt the most when you fall in love with someone too hard, and he doesn't even know you are exist? You, in one point, cant find the meaning of happiness. When in one point you feel numb, and don’t know where to cry because you are alone.

You let yourself stay in the back, so people can not see you cry, so people stop asking why are you crying, so people stop pretending like they care. You are happy yet extremely sad being alone.  You want to be found with someone who really care about you then hug you and say “we are gonna figure this out.” But no one comes.

Can you feel that pain?
Unfortunately, I can't.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Berry & Benka

Today at marketing class, my lecturer welcomed the founder of Berrybenka, Jason J. Lamuda. He let us know the reality of online shops. And believe me people. it is not as easy as it seems. I guarantee that. Because before today i thought it is gonna easier to open online store because you wont spend your money for renting place, and the promotions is easier. Make facebook and twitter account, and voila...

But the truth is you still need to pay if you want your online stores have an online banner. Are you kind of familiar with banner on the right or left side if you open random websites? Nah, to have that kind of banner you have to pay, and it is not that cheap, tho. Jason said, if you just promote your online stores via social media, it wont work as good as having online advertisement. And because you manage online stores, your customer needs to be impressed by good pictures of your collections. It has to be appealing to attract customer's attention. And it is neccesary to have good logistic management. Oh, he also said that brand name is important. From his own experience,  he ever made a deal with investor who thought a bad name for fashion online stores like tokocantik.com is a big turn off, and it might affect the process of decision making.

Anyway, Jason gives this to the whole class. It was good to have you in the class!

And the most important thing is to define the target market carefully. It is like the crucial thing to start the business. You have to know your market, he said. And it is so true because you have to know who will buy your stuff, dont you?

Friday, February 1, 2013

peu sûr

Based on this definition, this is the feeling of being scared of dissapointing, and i feel insecure most of the time. I hate when strangers look at me like there is something wrong about me. I tried to not to care, but every time it happened, i felt not good, i felt shy. I am trying to control it right now but sometimes i fail. because i think that is my natural habit. Anyway, it is not good at all. I feel jealous to people who can look confident, tough and beautiful in the same time. I really admire that kind of people. Oh, i cant stop admiring people. Plus, they are hard to get. I cant easily make friend with them or they are already in higher level over me, and exactly at that time, i feel more insecure than ever. 

Insecure people are scary. Because they dont feel confident of themselves. Like me. But i always get a back up. My back up friends. They (somehow) make me feel good. That is what friends are for, isnt that?