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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Deden Siswanto Stole the Runway

I am enchanted for sure.

Oh, I almost forget to tell you what Indonesia Fashion Week was like. Deden Siswanto is too magical. Yes, he nailed it. yes, yes, he was extremely perfect in many ways. Just purrrrfect. I loved his fashion show. It feels like you watch the greatest movie ever, and when you finish, you dont know what to do, because that movie absorb your whole soul. And, his show is just like the greatest movie. Deden Siswanto was performing his collection for Pinot Noir. A-ready-to-wear men collection that inspired of A Walk In the Cloud. A romantic film in 1995 that is starring by Keanu Reeves.

With dramatic entrance, models walked on the runway and presenting modern yet vintage collection from Deden. It is not only the collection that mesmerizing but also the way models walked. They walked very slowly and dramatic. That made them looked like a living mannequins. Perfect and "cold".  But it didn't stop there, the music that played during the show also witch me. Deden knew how to make men's collection look perfectly beautiful.  Once again, he is a genius.

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