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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


You must be so familiar with Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother. Yes, that poor guy who must waits until the finale season to meet his soulmate, and during his journey finding his soulmate, he falls in love to the same person aka his bestfriend aka his bestfriend's wife. Robin. That is awful. That is an irony when you naively believe that you already found your soulmate but the fact is you dont. When you think you can cheat universe and predict future and whisper to yourself "i found him."

That is the point of being "just friend". I already said to you, you are my matthew, and i am gonna be your marcel. vice versa. And if i were Ted, i dont want you to be Robin, i want you to be Barney or Marshal. We love, fight, hug as friends. That is what i want. That is beautiful, i count that as blessing. Plus, we are good at being friends, you know. ;)
I dont want to be tacky, but, i love you, bestfriend. Happy Birthday!

i am gonna be matthew, then.
p.s please dont read this just after you wake up. :p 

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