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Monday, February 4, 2013

Berry & Benka

Today at marketing class, my lecturer welcomed the founder of Berrybenka, Jason J. Lamuda. He let us know the reality of online shops. And believe me people. it is not as easy as it seems. I guarantee that. Because before today i thought it is gonna easier to open online store because you wont spend your money for renting place, and the promotions is easier. Make facebook and twitter account, and voila...

But the truth is you still need to pay if you want your online stores have an online banner. Are you kind of familiar with banner on the right or left side if you open random websites? Nah, to have that kind of banner you have to pay, and it is not that cheap, tho. Jason said, if you just promote your online stores via social media, it wont work as good as having online advertisement. And because you manage online stores, your customer needs to be impressed by good pictures of your collections. It has to be appealing to attract customer's attention. And it is neccesary to have good logistic management. Oh, he also said that brand name is important. From his own experience,  he ever made a deal with investor who thought a bad name for fashion online stores like tokocantik.com is a big turn off, and it might affect the process of decision making.

Anyway, Jason gives this to the whole class. It was good to have you in the class!

And the most important thing is to define the target market carefully. It is like the crucial thing to start the business. You have to know your market, he said. And it is so true because you have to know who will buy your stuff, dont you?

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