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Thursday, February 14, 2013

What an Assignment!

This is a tough week, tasks are everywhere. the dead lines are trying to chase me and kill me. Oh yes, now i know why it is called by "dead". And my communication mix's lecturer love giving us papers. And before we can finish the event proposal for our brands, he - nicely - gives us another task. But, before he said it is a task, he gave us an Indonesian Fashion Week invitation. Each of us. And i screamed internally. Now i dont need to win a game. Hehehe.

Then, while i was still in an euphoria, he wrote on the board and said "you must come to this event, and gives me the fashion report then." "Oh.. Sir, dont you forget, there is still an event proposal we need to finish?" i asked to myself. deep down in my heart, i know i am screwed, but the outer part of my heart, i am just freaking excited.  Anyway, i should stop blogging and continue doing my tasks. So, have a nice friday night you, couple person. Happy valentine! I already got my gift!

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