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Friday, February 1, 2013

peu sûr

Based on this definition, this is the feeling of being scared of dissapointing, and i feel insecure most of the time. I hate when strangers look at me like there is something wrong about me. I tried to not to care, but every time it happened, i felt not good, i felt shy. I am trying to control it right now but sometimes i fail. because i think that is my natural habit. Anyway, it is not good at all. I feel jealous to people who can look confident, tough and beautiful in the same time. I really admire that kind of people. Oh, i cant stop admiring people. Plus, they are hard to get. I cant easily make friend with them or they are already in higher level over me, and exactly at that time, i feel more insecure than ever. 

Insecure people are scary. Because they dont feel confident of themselves. Like me. But i always get a back up. My back up friends. They (somehow) make me feel good. That is what friends are for, isnt that?

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