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Monday, June 24, 2013

"Opportunities are often things you haven't noticed for the first time around." - Catherine Deneuve

There is always a first time for everyone. First time fell from the bicycle, fell to your first sin, fell for your first love, or had your first kiss. People always got a chance to try something new. It might be scary or you know you will fail somehow it is worth trying. 

Some people said that doing something new is your first step to make it your habit. They might be right. Or doing something new for some people means jump out from their comfort zone, which is good. 

What you have to do is just let it happen. Let it fear you then you know how to defeat them. 

Photographed by Photoginy

T-shirt: New Look
Denim Shirt: Bloopendorse
Sunglasses: H&M
Leggings: Forever 21
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Boots: New Look

Hunting Field

Well, i did say i could not wait to go to JakCloth, but now i am taking my words back. If i could stay at home instead of walking around in the ocean of people, i would choose 'stay at home'. But it was kind of fun, tho. Looking at my friends chased people to be photographed. Hehehehe that was amusing. I had a little fun by taking people's photos.Well, that is not impressive at all, but i will show you anyway

Romeo Thomas


Friday, June 21, 2013

Stars and Stripes for Summer 2014

What Is Up When Others Fall

Prediction For Fall 2013//style.com
Some people think that today is too soon to predict future, but i never think so. Today is the correct time to predict what will happen tomorrow.

I will start with the pantone color. Mykonos Blue, Koi, Emerald, Vivacious, Linden Green and others will invade in Fall 2013! You have enough time to brace yourself. For additional information, the color's picture will be not exactly the same because of the resolution of the computer. You should find another references.

Have you heard about New Look? Beautiful silhouette design that created by Christian Dior. Originally, the two lines were named as "Corolle" and "Huit" (which included the new "Bar suit" silhouette). However, the new collection went down in fashion history as the "New Look" after the editor-in-chief of Harper Bazaar, Carmen Snow's exclamation, "It's such a New Look!"
It seems this look come back from grave. 

Beanie was another phenomenon for winter 2012. Worn by fashion-street-wearer make it famous. Chanel apparently will use its fame for its Fall 2013 RTW collection. 

I know you are familiar with polkadot pattern. This polkadot represents vintage, old, yet modest style. I already warned you, because dots will be over the place.

Who doesn't know Andy Warhol? Beside pop art, he also designed beautiful sketches of shoes that Christian Dior use as the prints of his dress in Fall 2013 RTW collection. What a genius. 

Prediction is still a prediction, people. 


Other Beans

People deserve to be happy. All of them. I warn myself to stop judging and disturbing people with my thoughts because everyone - once again - deserve to be happy. I dont know, i am feeling more sensitive when i am in my period. Feeling more like a wet cat; wet, weak, and more fragile. But i am already sensitive in my regular days, so whatever. Listening to cheesy songs make me even more sensitive.

By the way assignments somehow successfully drive me crazy. Just yesterday, my lecturer asked me to produce two pieces of my approved designs and guess what, i must collect them next week.

Well, chaos did happen in the class. I just planned my leisure time just before the announcement. Then, i went to Pasar Baru to buy more fabrics then to Pasar Sunan Giri to find a tailor. I found one but i am not so sure the result will match with my expectation.

And i still thinking that what i am doing here is so much better than if i am doing other assignments in another university.

Anyway, i will go to Jakcloth this sunday. I dont have any intention to watch any performance. I will spend my time there walking around and taking some good photos of people. Cant wait!!!! :D

And before Jakcloth, on sunday morning i will - once again - be in Car Free Day (say thanks to my trend analysis lecturer) to take some photos of stylish guys there. I hope i find them, because everybody knows that will be not easy. :p

By the way, i am not home yet.

pardon my face, people


Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Beans

Hello again, people - whoever pass my blog.

I told you that rio comes back to town, so i decided to ask him coming with me to a fashion show. Well, that was not like i expected and my feet hurt, thanks to my wedges. then i also asked him to go to Car Free Day last Sunday. Well, that was exhausting yet fun. There was also my cousin.

Anyway my sketches for final project are approved. I am very glad. ;))))
What is waiting for me next is start making the report based on the given technical pack then revision and revision. Hope i can pass through these. I am not complaining anyway. This is the way i bless myself.
Anyway, i am still a phlegmatis-melancholy. I am glad. :D

Anyway, Rio looked skinnier than ever and his haircut was intolerable, cant be accepted, even for college students, but he is fine. Glad to see him coming home. Well, he said he was not home yet, but still he is in town.

Well, i never told you what i hate, right? I was busy talking about everything i adore, like, and love, or even anything that makes me cry, but i never ever told you about undelightful things or situations in my version. Brace yourself, people. This is the right time to spill out all the beans.

1. I hate darkness. I hate when there was a black out. And the worst is i never had a chance to buy a genset or anything to keep light in my room

2. Cats. Yes, they are incredibly cute and cute and cute, I am really aware of that. But cats are still cats. They are annoying, not loyal, demanding, and lazy. I hate their eyes. They can glow in the dark, well, that gives me creep.

3. Kids. I am not really into kids. They can be so adorable and smart but i cant get along with kids. They are just the fragile version of cats. Well, loyalty depends on their characteristic but still. But it doesn't mean i dont want to have kids. I want to.

4. Slow internet. I hate slow internet. How on earth you stuck in the same page for hours? Well the worst part when it goes slow when you need it the most. That sucks.

5. Chemistry. I hate chemistry. I just hate that subject, well if my first year in high school didnt make me touch chemistry i would really thank God. Chemistry sucks. suck suck suck.

6. Physics. Well i have this complicated issue with this subject. But the most ridiculous thing of physics were the questions. Instead of saving people who wanted to commit suicide my teacher asked me to count when exactly he crashed the ground. Well, at that time he would die, wouldn't he?

7. Hair. Every time i saw hair on the floor i have those odd tension to clean it up immediately. I think i have weird phobia of hair. But i am really pissed of fallen hair. I just hate it.

8. The fact that i am bully-able. hahahahahaha.

9. The fact that i cry over little things.

10. Horror Movies. I dont need to explain this, i guess.

Friday, June 7, 2013

I Thank Universe

Hello everyone, this is good day to lie on your bed, isn't it? Anyway, i start thinking my life crumbled somehow. I dont know why but i feel that way. Thinking that something that happens should not happen. Wondering many other options i may choose and see another results.

Second anyway is when you realise that you will become someone you hate. Or at least you have something in common with them then it makes you hate them more. I have been there. I know my blog is not the place i can spread hatred but i do it anyway.

I hated her. I had no reason why. I just didn't like her breathing or talking or anything. I just didn't want to see her face, but we were at the same school, so yah.. that was my problem. I didn't know if she knew i hated her or she didn't but she gave me a smile. The fake one of course. How did i know? Because it was the same smile i always gave to her. After that, i knew we have something in common. Something i tried to ignore. Then slowly i tried to understand her. That was weird because i told myself i don't like her. But universe was very ridiculous. It was like i could read her mind saying everything about her. Well, not everything. I saw her teasing a boy with his crush. (You will not understand this people, just stop trying to figure out who). She had crush on him, but he had crush on her friend. (See? It is difficult to understand.) It was like i could read her mind or i simply saw her eyes. That wasn't a moment when i can change my mind and stop hating her. Or maybe my hatred decreased. Maybe now you are wondering why. I tell you why. Because i have been there. Teasing my friend and her crush but inside me, i hid something. I know her eyes told me. I could be wrong, and she could dodge my statement, but i knew. Deep down in my heart, i wished it wasn't true because she deserves better.

And then, she dated my friend. That wasn't good at all. This was the moment i knew nothing about her. I didn't dislike their relationship, i just thought he could deserve better and i know i was wrong. Because you can't judge people's relationship and then decide who deserve who. You are the small part of universe, you have no right judging couples.
I knew bothering universe and other people can make my life crumbled as well, so i stopped.  I stopped giving a damn. People thought i was jealous. That is ridiculous, even now i am smiling when thinking about that possibility. I was not.

Then she changed. Literally. Become someone that worth a friendship. Become someone different. I just can't believe that (in a good way, of course). I am glad.

And i could not believe myself when i said sorry. I know she glazed. Maybe she didn't know i would apologise or else, but i did. Then everything in my life raised. It was the same situation when the good guy beat the bad guy in the hero movie. It wasn't about me, because the one who change is her. Everything after that is just universe's plan. It was like an automatic movement when a change from someone became a trigger to anything better.

I am not saying we are best-friends, i am not that confident, but i am glad when people ask about her i can say, "yes she is my friend."

That is a wrap.