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Friday, June 21, 2013

Other Beans

People deserve to be happy. All of them. I warn myself to stop judging and disturbing people with my thoughts because everyone - once again - deserve to be happy. I dont know, i am feeling more sensitive when i am in my period. Feeling more like a wet cat; wet, weak, and more fragile. But i am already sensitive in my regular days, so whatever. Listening to cheesy songs make me even more sensitive.

By the way assignments somehow successfully drive me crazy. Just yesterday, my lecturer asked me to produce two pieces of my approved designs and guess what, i must collect them next week.

Well, chaos did happen in the class. I just planned my leisure time just before the announcement. Then, i went to Pasar Baru to buy more fabrics then to Pasar Sunan Giri to find a tailor. I found one but i am not so sure the result will match with my expectation.

And i still thinking that what i am doing here is so much better than if i am doing other assignments in another university.

Anyway, i will go to Jakcloth this sunday. I dont have any intention to watch any performance. I will spend my time there walking around and taking some good photos of people. Cant wait!!!! :D

And before Jakcloth, on sunday morning i will - once again - be in Car Free Day (say thanks to my trend analysis lecturer) to take some photos of stylish guys there. I hope i find them, because everybody knows that will be not easy. :p

By the way, i am not home yet.

pardon my face, people


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