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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Beans

Hello again, people - whoever pass my blog.

I told you that rio comes back to town, so i decided to ask him coming with me to a fashion show. Well, that was not like i expected and my feet hurt, thanks to my wedges. then i also asked him to go to Car Free Day last Sunday. Well, that was exhausting yet fun. There was also my cousin.

Anyway my sketches for final project are approved. I am very glad. ;))))
What is waiting for me next is start making the report based on the given technical pack then revision and revision. Hope i can pass through these. I am not complaining anyway. This is the way i bless myself.
Anyway, i am still a phlegmatis-melancholy. I am glad. :D

Anyway, Rio looked skinnier than ever and his haircut was intolerable, cant be accepted, even for college students, but he is fine. Glad to see him coming home. Well, he said he was not home yet, but still he is in town.

Well, i never told you what i hate, right? I was busy talking about everything i adore, like, and love, or even anything that makes me cry, but i never ever told you about undelightful things or situations in my version. Brace yourself, people. This is the right time to spill out all the beans.

1. I hate darkness. I hate when there was a black out. And the worst is i never had a chance to buy a genset or anything to keep light in my room

2. Cats. Yes, they are incredibly cute and cute and cute, I am really aware of that. But cats are still cats. They are annoying, not loyal, demanding, and lazy. I hate their eyes. They can glow in the dark, well, that gives me creep.

3. Kids. I am not really into kids. They can be so adorable and smart but i cant get along with kids. They are just the fragile version of cats. Well, loyalty depends on their characteristic but still. But it doesn't mean i dont want to have kids. I want to.

4. Slow internet. I hate slow internet. How on earth you stuck in the same page for hours? Well the worst part when it goes slow when you need it the most. That sucks.

5. Chemistry. I hate chemistry. I just hate that subject, well if my first year in high school didnt make me touch chemistry i would really thank God. Chemistry sucks. suck suck suck.

6. Physics. Well i have this complicated issue with this subject. But the most ridiculous thing of physics were the questions. Instead of saving people who wanted to commit suicide my teacher asked me to count when exactly he crashed the ground. Well, at that time he would die, wouldn't he?

7. Hair. Every time i saw hair on the floor i have those odd tension to clean it up immediately. I think i have weird phobia of hair. But i am really pissed of fallen hair. I just hate it.

8. The fact that i am bully-able. hahahahahaha.

9. The fact that i cry over little things.

10. Horror Movies. I dont need to explain this, i guess.

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