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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Too Random To Discuss, Huh?

Look at your shuffle playlist and answer the list of random questions below.

Who are you?
Hall of Fame – The Script feat Will.I.Am
I see myself as a dream-reacher, not a social climber. I do what i think it is necessary to make my dreams come true. 

What are you looking for in this life?
Little Mix - Wings
I look for success, i guess. Be successful, it is what people look for in life right?

How would you describe yourself?
Casey Abrams – Simple Life
It doesnt describe me, btw. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Home – Michael Buble
I will be away and far from home and i will sing this song that day.

Have you got a feeling for someone right now?
I Choose You – Timeflies, The Script- The six degrees of Separation

If you had to go to a deserted island, what three items would you bring?
Krewella - Alive
Water, Sun cream, Sunglasses

Who is your hero?
The Script – If You Could See Me Now
My Dad

Is there anything that worries you?
Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child
Achieving my dreams

Why on earth are you here?
Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson
To break the rules and tradition that made, i guess.

How have you changed the world with your current power?

Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken
Hi, Lloyd.

Don't Fall


This is the third day of my holiday and i still do nothing to make it more valuable. But honestly, this kind of holiday is what i expect. Staying in bed watching my favorite tv series. Most of them are in FoxCrime. My new favorite tv series called The Fall. It is a casual murder investigation in England, especially in London starring by Gillian Anderson. i always love the accent she has. This leads me to the conclusion that most of detectives wear coats; black or brown and slick-clean shoes, silk blouses, and many more. and that leads me to make some interpretations for fall based on the officer's dress code. I mean, they wear coats like in every scene in the film, you wont wear coats in summer, will you?
Source: Asos, Pinterest, Google, Zara
I choose converse sneakers because it adds some boyish sense to the feminise look of the officer, and in reality it makes them chase the bad guys easier, but for they who have job only in the office or do some administration job they will need those preppy heels that is still formal or boots will be great. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Personal Issue

Hello again, anyone who pass my blog. I just changed my blog. Again. And i already prepared the answers. You can find out: this is why.

much love

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Break Even

Come on, what would i do without you

I never literally said i love my parents, but i do. before it is too late or the situation gets too sour to say. 

I love you Mum Dad. Literally. <3 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Trend Analyst

My final project for Trend Analysis who taught by Ichwan Thoha, we were divided into three groups that would present Formation. Formation - here - is a first fashion and trend forecast company in Indonesia. And sir Ichwan gave us one concept each group to be presented. My group got Black Swan film that starring by Natalie Portman. We basically had to convince our potential clients that Black Swan will be trend in Spring 2014. We do research and analysis before the presentation. Glad to know Sir Ichwan loved all of groups' presentation. To be honest, the most thrilling part is when we did the photo shoot, even though it is not as good as i expected, the photo shoot was fun. Beside photo shoot, i also collage some photos to be presented last wednesday. hehehe collaging photos is one of my hobbies.
Sir Ichwan also set the dress code at that day. Since we were still in atmosphere of 17th of August (which is Indonesia Independence Day) he chose Military Chic. He dressed very well, if i can say. He always dress well, if i can add. hehe.

The class was very fun, and relieving because he was impressed with our presentation. I wish we pass his class. 

Web Face of Formation

Formation's Logo

The Key Items

Photographed by Wysley Sanjaya
Location: Catedral Jakarta

Do not be silly, Darling

Heeyooo everyone who pass my blog

Since i already broke up with my demanding assignments, i have much leisure time to blog but i dont know what to write, to be honest.

I have been thinking since the last time i watched The Devil Wears Prada. That is one of my favorite Anne Hatthaway's films.  Let's call her Andrea now. I remembered when the first time i watched this film is when i was in 9th grade. i thought Andrea was a clever journalist who stuck with people who judge people only by their appearance. I thought it was simple to decide which belt Miranda had to use in a photo shoot. I thought it was easy to decide what the best concept to use in one photo shoot. I thought it was so easy to dress well and impress people. I - honestly - underestimated Miranda and The Runway. I blamed their cruelty and rudeness to Andrea at that time.

But. three weeks ago, i watched The Devils Prada for the second time in my Trend Analysis class. How should i express this feeling? I felt that Andrea is not clever at all. I choose a side against Andrea. During this film i said to myself "For God's sake, Andrea, you dont simply dress like that when you work in high fashion magazine" "You can not wear those grandma's sweaters when you meet Miranda, you know MIRANDA." "Seriously? Those belts are so different, just so you know."

"Girls kill to get your job, Andrea." When i was in 9th grade i thought that is ridiculous, but now, yes i will kill to be in her position. Not only that, i will revive her to be close to Miranda, if i have to.

I realized that it is not that easy to do photo shoot, to choose concept for making a fashion spread, to get sponsors, to make communication strategies, to make a fashion brand that suits my style, to plan a fashion show, to design clothes.  What i am saying is, you can not judge people by what they do for living. You can not judge unless you have been there or living the exact same life with people you judge.

"Fashion is fun, it is not a brain surgery,
and the whole point of fashion is having fun,
but we still have to work."

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Paid Off


Those sleepless nights are now paid off! I am so done with this semester, i hope i can pass the whole subjects. I didnt sleep much these days because of my everlasting assignments. But now, those dark ages is over. Welcome holiday, i gladly welcome you. Last tuesday was the first time for me to stay at LaSalle that late. Well, security don't let us to stay until we are done but i stayed until 8 p.m. and i was exhausted. too exhausted to eat.

today was the last the day of my 3rd semester and i had Private Label Development presentation. It went smooth, Alhamdulillah, even though i dont know my marks yet i really hope i would pass.

This subject was too remarkable to forget, to be honest. I created my own brand, imagine myself having my own brand is one of my favorite daydreams, then design clothes for my brands (that mostly suit my style, hehe) then the rough parts happened. my life crumbled and when i realized i was in the bottom of earth. Busy weeks and assignments are the ones i found during days and my laptop's desktop was full of assignments. But the hardest part was dealing with the tailor. You know, i never get along with tailor, this one does not make any different.

Then do the measurements, i am feeling like one of those tailors or fashion design student hehehe. I had no idea how to measure clothes. But as i said, those hard works, those sleepless nights, those tired days, they are all paid off today. It will be better if i pass, but this is enough. Alhamdulillah.

My brand :D

Color Inspiration - Black

Color Inspiration - Colar Mist

Measurement Grading in Technical Pack