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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Don't Fall


This is the third day of my holiday and i still do nothing to make it more valuable. But honestly, this kind of holiday is what i expect. Staying in bed watching my favorite tv series. Most of them are in FoxCrime. My new favorite tv series called The Fall. It is a casual murder investigation in England, especially in London starring by Gillian Anderson. i always love the accent she has. This leads me to the conclusion that most of detectives wear coats; black or brown and slick-clean shoes, silk blouses, and many more. and that leads me to make some interpretations for fall based on the officer's dress code. I mean, they wear coats like in every scene in the film, you wont wear coats in summer, will you?
Source: Asos, Pinterest, Google, Zara
I choose converse sneakers because it adds some boyish sense to the feminise look of the officer, and in reality it makes them chase the bad guys easier, but for they who have job only in the office or do some administration job they will need those preppy heels that is still formal or boots will be great. 

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