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Friday, August 23, 2013

Do not be silly, Darling

Heeyooo everyone who pass my blog

Since i already broke up with my demanding assignments, i have much leisure time to blog but i dont know what to write, to be honest.

I have been thinking since the last time i watched The Devil Wears Prada. That is one of my favorite Anne Hatthaway's films.  Let's call her Andrea now. I remembered when the first time i watched this film is when i was in 9th grade. i thought Andrea was a clever journalist who stuck with people who judge people only by their appearance. I thought it was simple to decide which belt Miranda had to use in a photo shoot. I thought it was easy to decide what the best concept to use in one photo shoot. I thought it was so easy to dress well and impress people. I - honestly - underestimated Miranda and The Runway. I blamed their cruelty and rudeness to Andrea at that time.

But. three weeks ago, i watched The Devils Prada for the second time in my Trend Analysis class. How should i express this feeling? I felt that Andrea is not clever at all. I choose a side against Andrea. During this film i said to myself "For God's sake, Andrea, you dont simply dress like that when you work in high fashion magazine" "You can not wear those grandma's sweaters when you meet Miranda, you know MIRANDA." "Seriously? Those belts are so different, just so you know."

"Girls kill to get your job, Andrea." When i was in 9th grade i thought that is ridiculous, but now, yes i will kill to be in her position. Not only that, i will revive her to be close to Miranda, if i have to.

I realized that it is not that easy to do photo shoot, to choose concept for making a fashion spread, to get sponsors, to make communication strategies, to make a fashion brand that suits my style, to plan a fashion show, to design clothes.  What i am saying is, you can not judge people by what they do for living. You can not judge unless you have been there or living the exact same life with people you judge.

"Fashion is fun, it is not a brain surgery,
and the whole point of fashion is having fun,
but we still have to work."

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