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Friday, August 23, 2013

Trend Analyst

My final project for Trend Analysis who taught by Ichwan Thoha, we were divided into three groups that would present Formation. Formation - here - is a first fashion and trend forecast company in Indonesia. And sir Ichwan gave us one concept each group to be presented. My group got Black Swan film that starring by Natalie Portman. We basically had to convince our potential clients that Black Swan will be trend in Spring 2014. We do research and analysis before the presentation. Glad to know Sir Ichwan loved all of groups' presentation. To be honest, the most thrilling part is when we did the photo shoot, even though it is not as good as i expected, the photo shoot was fun. Beside photo shoot, i also collage some photos to be presented last wednesday. hehehe collaging photos is one of my hobbies.
Sir Ichwan also set the dress code at that day. Since we were still in atmosphere of 17th of August (which is Indonesia Independence Day) he chose Military Chic. He dressed very well, if i can say. He always dress well, if i can add. hehe.

The class was very fun, and relieving because he was impressed with our presentation. I wish we pass his class. 

Web Face of Formation

Formation's Logo

The Key Items

Photographed by Wysley Sanjaya
Location: Catedral Jakarta

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