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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quote of The Day

Fact To Be Faced

"the more powerful you are editorially and the more famous you are as a stylist and editor in fashion, the more you can charge people for styling work." -

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Look what i have found. I couldnt buy it, but it is just good although just seeing

An Opinion

I dont know which is better: leave or forget first. Because, in someone's opinion both of them are hurt. But, i will take Raditya Dika's opinion" "I know breaking up is not a good memories to remember but i make joke about it then laugh at it." That is it. Try to make a joke to sad memory is a good one. Laugh about it. In another's opinion laugh is a good medicine. I do agree about this one. 
Your heart indeed need time to be cured but broken heart is not a good reason to feel stuck or even lose. In love, you never lose, you just met the wrong one. But in love you will know sacrifice and give. But dont give or sacrifice too much. Because you just never know. At last, only regret will stay. Somebody said to me that "It is better to be loved then love someone." But, sometimes someone who love us is not the one we loved. 

Diana The Humble

I always adore someone with humbleness. And she is one of them. She said by herself that she aint a fashion blogger, but she is only a blogger. But, just so you know she is the owner of Up and her blog is amazing. I can even know her latest post from my phone. She is great.
Yes, she is Diana Rikasari. Maybe i dont adore her from the beginning but this is enough to make myself impressed. She is young and talented but full of humbleness. She has everything. She has (many) admirers, but also haters. Sometimes i wonder how can people hates someone like her? Her face is okay, her looks are really okay, her attitude is also okay.  Maybe, they are just jealous. jealous comes from people who....cant get what we have (in this case is Diana Rikasari). I mean, she is famous, cute, funny and humble. Maybe others can say she is lucky or something but i bet she done it with efforts.


Graduation Day!

Maybe this will be very late, but i post them anyway. My graduation day! yeay! Well, at last i graduate and go back home (i dont know it will be the saddest moment). Anyway, thanks bestest! i heart you all! *kiss*

(Now playing: Lembayung Bali - Saras Dewi)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Quote of The Day

Thanks, Griffin!


Dont know since when The Avengers become so addictive. I collect them from Google. hehehe

And this guy is always be my favorite since the very first time.

"I owe him death"

This is the most heart-touching scene in The Avengers. <3

A Love Struck

Sunday at Tiffany's
That girl (i forgot her name). She had an imaginary friend named Michael. He gone when the girl celebrate her 10th birthday.  And however he comes back. When the girl becomes a woman. When the girl has the most perfect life. He comes as a guy. Handsome one, actually.
Fortunately, they fall in love. She left her wedding and go find Michael. And at last, they live happily ever after.

I have no moral value here, but i love making people realized that God had prepared someone for you. The best one. He or she will perfectly fit to you. 

Best Frenemy Ever :)

What did you say? Friend? Bestfriend? I never forget.

One thing i do forget is how you leave from my life? When? 


Need days to admit i let my bestfriend leave. i just cant stand with him. Maybe his selfishness or mine is bigger? I dont f-ing care.

I didnt give my best, i know. So did you. You only have 2MB memory's capacity yes, knew it. You only remember that you hate everyone. And everyone hate you. That is all. 
Some voice in my head told me that i was only jealous. Yes, i admitted it too. But, i was not that jealous. I just feel forgotten. I feel left behind. That is all.

I just hate when you can ruin person's day in a glimpse because he ruined yours. Maybe you need mirror to see yourself first .

I dont hate you, i never. But, everyone have frenemy - friend yet enemy. I have you, instead. :)

Okay. I said it.


Gotye - yes, that Somebody I Used To Know - yes, someone with the body printed - he is everywhere. Maybe the song touch your heart deeply. Maybe someone you love the most think you are somebody that he used to know. Just maybe, but everything can happens in a glimpse, right? 
Maybe you loved him, but you broke up for no reason, or even for silly reason, but you just broke up. You think you both could be friends, but you couldnt. You still loved him that much. Love as a lover. 

Gotye, you really succeed. Salut!

I am just too late

Look what I've found!

I was too late, i cant get those ones. There are sold out! But if you just want to take a look you can go to here
But, if there is an error you can find the website in Google. hehehe


I am back! Okay, that is not that dramatic, i think. Enough.

Yesterday, i mean, not exactly yesterday, i just realized something. WELL everybody have their chances to share their opinion dont they?
So, what i want to talk about is how people in social network communicate. We have facebook, twitter, even Facebook has its own movie. Oh, dont forget movie from Indonesia that talks about twitter and its life. Now, there is Path - i dont know exactly what it is but it is like twitter, facebook, and instagram in one social network. Aaahh, Instagram. Yes, there is. Sharing photos through world wide. First, the creators only launched it for Apple stuff (iPod, iPhone, etc) but then they launched Instagram for Android, now everyone on earth (who has Android and Apple) can have Instagram's account. I was a newbie in Instagram, when i first open it, i click Popular post, and many many many great photos there. There was Eiffel tower, dogs (there are so many dogs in Instagram), cats, people with tatoo, killer heels, foods, feet, etc. What i thought was "WOW! The photos are great! They made it without effect, rightttt?" Okay, then, i tried once. i chose my photo then... i knew their secrets. There are many effects. Not that many, i mean, but there is effect to make photos look dramatic. very dramatic. Ho-ho. I looks so stupid now. Then i posted something. Post photo, yes, of course. Wow, the photo looks great really, i dont lie. Meme in 9gag was right, Instagram wont make you a great photographer.
No offense, everybody, because i use it too. I have fun, tho. So, i bet Darwis Triadi doesnt have an Instagram's account (wait, i will check it. wait a minute.) Yes, he doesnt have any.

Okay, well, until now, i am having fun but feel sucks too, dont know why. haha, maybe the meme above is really offensive. hahahaha. now  i am laughing at myself. Why i use Instagram? To have fun. Maybe, there is people out there think the same way i am thinking. And there are people use their DSLR to took photos then transfer them to their Apple or Android stuff then POST them to Instagram. Okay, it is okay too. As Burger King's owner said: "Have it your way." 

Is that meme really offensive, people? hahahahaha, just kidding. Okay, ameteurs, back to work.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quote of The Day

"Friends are like ears, eyes, and tears. They let you hear the truth, they make you face the fact, and they give you reasons to cry." - Me


I just cant believe it, i made three pointless posts in several hours. Anyway, my sister started to re-open her online shop named Toscabelle. Maybe you ever heard it before. They offer many looks and style in each season. They are all fine-tailored dress. And this is the website : www.toscabelle.com Make sure you follow its twitter too at @tosca_belle (if i am not mistaken) or simply mention me (@anggilupitasari) or my sister @arikaindra. Thanks :)

These are some clothes from ToscaBelle

This far, these are my favorites. :)

New Fellas

I found Collars in Google, and i will add some of them to my dresses next time, and i will show you :)

this is my favorite. It is simple, isnt it?

Oh Yes, i almost forget about something. I am adoring diamonds, but these are better! I really fall for this one. You can get it in The Pin&Shops. I saw them in www.handmadenest.blogspot.com
Okay, i will show you my favorites.

 Look at this. What a treasure. They are beautiful, arent they? Yes, i love it too. Well, maybe little bit pricey, but it is like investment. You can sell it again, anyway. hehehe, just kidding. They are worth a buy, people. :)

Collar Says Hello!

Hello again! I change my blog's name, anyway. You will like it better because it is simpler and cuter.

It Cant Be Harder

i really am sorry for not posting anything this latest months. Yes, i admit it. I have nothing to share. I just remember how i started this blog. Clean and comfort and keep it up, dont I?
So, i through the hardest months in my 18 years life. I passed on my final exam, but that wasnt good enough. But, still i really am thankful. Today i just done my er...SNMPTN-test (are you okay with that name?). And i have to wait until 7th of July. What a waste. I dont know, but this is not what i want. I mean, yes i do want to go the University of Indonesia, but it will be better if they have Fashion-Business's major there. i really want to study about fashion, makes patterns everyday, learn how to sew, or knitting. it will be so much fun. it will be great. And when i graduate i will start...

Okay, this is the problem! Because i dont know what will i do after graduate. In other side, i dont want to have a boring life. I want to enjoy my life, and do what i love. I know my passion but i dont know how make it useful. I know, i am depressed. I cant imagine how i will start my college's life. Okay, i know my high school's life is quite tough, but this is harder. i have to decide, anyway. Okay, wish me luck, cyba!

P.S. Lasalle's intake will be held on September. I still have much time, dont I?