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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nobody Said It Was Easy

Hey you guys, I have been busy with final assignments and projects. Since i got Visual Presentation subject this semester, and honestly this is not as stressful as Store Layout subject last semester (at least i dont post something that represents how depressed i am) so i am fine, i guess. But, frankly, i am exhausted. I am just - i don't know - i am fine, i am happy and glad but exhausted. I had to crawl to the bed last night because i didn't only break a leg, i broke my back. In the afternoon, yesterday, we went to Mayestik to ordered some labels for our brand (wait for it!) and looked for imitation leather to produce our garments (if you guys know people who sell imitation leather, please kindly email me, or simply leave your comment in this post) but there was no one selling imitation leather we looked for. Oh, we also bought another type of tenun ikat, and i kind of liked it very much. omg, long post! hehehe. Anyway i happen to enjoy new meals in Serba Food Restaurant. Sounds exaggerating, but it has the best fried water spinach in town. You should try. And it's also affordable so yah.. hehehe.
And at 3.00 am in the morning i woken up by drama comedy titled The Crazy Ones that starred by Robin Williams. I was half-awaken but i heard their conversation and that made me laugh. I don't know why i laughed very easy. I laughed at many dry humors that my friend told. I really miss posting this kind of post on my blog. Really. 

And i am listening to The Scientist from Coldplay. A song that can always welcome you to the darkest and saddest memory of yours. Am still wondering why it is titled The Scientist. My friend ever told me that the answer is because love is too deep to be understood by common people. The ones who can understand that love is never can be easy are the ones who understand difficult things, something beyond real; the scientists


  1. I quite like The Scientist! ah.. well that is actually a reasonable reason.. love is hard to understand

    The Sweetest Escape 

    1. Thank you for posting comment on my blog. :D

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    1. thank you for posting comment on my blog! :)

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    1. thank you for the support! really appreciate it :D