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Monday, March 10, 2014

Current Routine

Hey today was my first yoga class, i spent three hours at the gym and the funny thing is i took the wrong class. My friend and I supposed to take Pilates but we chose Aerobic. Yup, that was an epic fail, but i had no idea. Anyway, i can not dance so basically i just turned around and clap my hands. That was so embarrassing. Anyway, i took Yoga Class the next hour and yeah, it felt good actually. But my body hurts. I was afraid i would broke my ankle or something. And other people can do head-stand and i just sit there feeling like a whale. I think they are not even human. And i spent the last 30 minutes to do cardio. Honestly i love cardio since i know how much calories i burn. hehehe. I am exhausted, but i still have time to post something here, so generally, i am fine.

I should go to bed. Nighty night, everyone.

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