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Friday, March 7, 2014

I Wonder How

So today is my day off, and i am spending it being potato on a bed watching tv and blogging. Yup i am doing it at the same time. I am about to watch movie that directed, written and played by Josh Radnor or you guys are more familiar with Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother. I already read the story online but i am honestly curious. It will be cute, i guess. So i started watching HIMYM and got to know him when i was in first year of college (kind of late, don't you think). But i always love romantic comedy kind of movies so HIMYM and I got along just fine. And i always love the idea of looking for someone who not only hold our hands and saying cute things but also do something beyond. That kind of person is the one who is worth waiting for. I thought Ted would end up with Robin but he got the better one. He got exactly the girl he wants to marry. And i really want to watch when Universe makes it happen. And the idea of how Universe flips everything up it's just mind-blowing. Can't you see? Someone is prepared for us. 

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