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Monday, July 29, 2013

Yeah, after all this time I'm still into you..

Keep singing, Hayley. For me, this song is like ice lemon tea with too many lemons. Fresh and sour. Too sour if i can add. Now, step aside and stop talking about this lame feeling of mine and comment the song itself. It is a great song with good melody and sour lyrics. 

I am not a fan of Paramore but i admit, they make great songs. This far i fancy this sour song and Renegade which i dont even know what that song means. But i love the melody. That is good for keeping me awake. 

Anyway, i lost my beloved iPod a week ago and still cant find it. Hope he can find the way home. 

I am still awake for my final test. I did not get right time to study this weekend. Yesterday, i just done my two photo shoot in a day. Is that great? Yesterday morning i was in my photographer's home in Pejaten to ended everything. Hope that will be great, actually. But i dont think we can win. That is a long shot. A very long shot. And in a snap, i was in Catedral, ready for the Black Swan photo shoot. The models were very helpful yet very very friendly. They also helped us to do the concept. And rio was also there. Hehehehe. He cut his hair! That was the best news from him since he got back from Missouri. With his brand new Drowners canvas bag and his new haircut, he looked so much better. He was ready to go home to his mom, today. I guess yesterday was the last day i meet him. Well that is okay, i got this imessage and facetime. if it doesnt work, i still can send him letters by using pigeons. 

By the way, i need to sleep. It is good to make a long post again. Well, not that long. Okay, good night

12:40 a.m.

Friday, July 26, 2013

"Dream as if you will live forever, and live as if you will die today." - James Dean

i am not in the mood when i write this post. I dont know, because there is a time when i was really not in the mood but i still can write a post in my blog, but this time is different. i am just mad, maybe. i dont know, because as i said in my previous posts, life is being ridiculous. life let me drowning even i know i can swim but drowning is only matter of time. like now. i just found out i can't take my design bachelor degree in Indonesia. And that is happening. That means i cant graduate 3 years effectively. And that means i should re-arrange my dreams (again). Paris or Milan is a good choice, but i cant let my parents suffer more. The schools are so expensive unless i can get scholarships which sounds impossible.

For now, all i can think about is my assignments. They are already sucking my souls. They left nothing but emptiness. Okay, i am being too dramatic. But they are.

Have a good holiday, people.

Monday, July 15, 2013

"Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectation." - Ryunosuke Satoro

I did talk about competition i joined in the previous post. Well, it is not bad at all. My group mates are friendly, creative and open-minded. I mean, we don't insist each other to use my/her/his ideas only. That is fun.

And it is also fun to watch videos in my laptop. I get my very perfect private room. It seals me from anywhere, even from my assignments. Yes, i will talk about my assignments over and over again until i finish them all.

Anyway, this competition somehow excites me because i will have another photo shoot, it is challenging which is good. Or it is just me. I will post some photos if the photographer lets me but i want to share a little bit.

Basically Clarks holds a competition to look for some good advertisements. And the competition needs us to work together with students with other departments (fashion design, photography and make up artist - myself as fashion business student). The winners (first, second, and third place) will get some 'good' cash and the photos will be used as Clarks' new advertisements. That is the fun part. How many chances in a day Clarks use your photos as their advertisements? We have three themes, and we need to take one photo each theme. The theme has to be connected to each other. Honestly, I don't want to spend much for this competition because i have so many things to be done (my photo shoot assignments for example). I am afraid i will have so much fun and forget where i belong. I belong to my assignments, but i cant easily resist this. Nah! I will be fine. This is such a good opportunity, and i am not gonna miss it. I hope it will be great and I wish we will win ;)

This is the first time to work with other departments and it is going smooth until now. And i should go back to my assignments for awhile. They will miss me, you know?

Good night everyone!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Sick To Be Cheese

I am feeling cheesy these days. I dont know, maybe my assignments are the reasons why or i just feel like a cheese. Tasty yet mushy. Or because i chose the wrong choice. This is about competition i join at campus. I knew i should not join, but hey, the prize is undeniable. They will give millions rupiahs for the winners. Well, it is undeniable. Anyway, being sick in fasting month is not fun at all. My body says "just drag me to the bed" but my brain keep reminding me about the chasing assignments. Well, i let my brain wins. Come come, you zombie.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Good day, Gentleman!

Yesterday morning was Thursday, 4th of July 2013, a melancholy morning in my opinion. Based on schedule, i would have Private Label Development, but my lecturer cancelled the class. What she didn't know is, i almost reached campus and i didn't have no idea where to go. At last, i decided to go to my friend's dorm and waiting her to wake up.

I am here not to complaining or what, but my point is sometimes life decided to do the same as my lecturer did. Cancelled our perfect plans. Sometimes when we already prepare for everything and anticipate everything we dont want that to happen, they just happened anyway, without our permission. Or when we wished that something would happen, they did not happen. But still life goes on. It does not wait.

If my lecturer did not cancel the class, i would have bubur abang abang as breakfast. And i would start my day gratefully. I did have bubur abang abang as breakfast at my friend's dorm, but it did not feel the same.

Life went on anyway. I had salad for lunch and continue another subject until 4 o'clock. I mean, i could not change what happened right? All i did is eating my irregular bubur abang abang and forget what happened yesterday morning.

That is how I should deal with my past. Life goes on. It does not wait for me. I do not have time for remembering my past. It is already gone. So are you. You can stay as long as you want, but you are already gone. You weren't there anymore.

I am not letting my past chases my dreams and ruin them. I am not wasting my chances for my past. They are already in the past. They dont even wait for me, so, why would I?

I decided to live life. Go get someone who can make me laugh without being embarrassed, love me and i love him back. I only live once, anyway. Why busy waiting someone who always put me as their options? Come to me when...... their life crumble.

Have a good friday, everyone!