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Friday, July 5, 2013

Good day, Gentleman!

Yesterday morning was Thursday, 4th of July 2013, a melancholy morning in my opinion. Based on schedule, i would have Private Label Development, but my lecturer cancelled the class. What she didn't know is, i almost reached campus and i didn't have no idea where to go. At last, i decided to go to my friend's dorm and waiting her to wake up.

I am here not to complaining or what, but my point is sometimes life decided to do the same as my lecturer did. Cancelled our perfect plans. Sometimes when we already prepare for everything and anticipate everything we dont want that to happen, they just happened anyway, without our permission. Or when we wished that something would happen, they did not happen. But still life goes on. It does not wait.

If my lecturer did not cancel the class, i would have bubur abang abang as breakfast. And i would start my day gratefully. I did have bubur abang abang as breakfast at my friend's dorm, but it did not feel the same.

Life went on anyway. I had salad for lunch and continue another subject until 4 o'clock. I mean, i could not change what happened right? All i did is eating my irregular bubur abang abang and forget what happened yesterday morning.

That is how I should deal with my past. Life goes on. It does not wait for me. I do not have time for remembering my past. It is already gone. So are you. You can stay as long as you want, but you are already gone. You weren't there anymore.

I am not letting my past chases my dreams and ruin them. I am not wasting my chances for my past. They are already in the past. They dont even wait for me, so, why would I?

I decided to live life. Go get someone who can make me laugh without being embarrassed, love me and i love him back. I only live once, anyway. Why busy waiting someone who always put me as their options? Come to me when...... their life crumble.

Have a good friday, everyone!

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