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Thursday, November 28, 2013


Bukan karena red velvet yang saya makan, bukan hujan deras sore ini, bukan dia yang tertawa bersama saya di ujung dunia sana, bukan juga tugas saya. Tapi kamu. Bukan lagi memori tentang kamu, tapi harapan saya yang ternyata masih ada disana. Masih diujung sana menunggu untuk diselamatkan. Saya tidak memilih untuk pergi mencari karena ternyata lebih nyaman disakiti terus. Bukan, bukan lagi kamu. Tapi oleh harapan saya. Ternyata bukan lagi kamu yang jadi asam sekaligus manisnya jus stroberi saya, tapi mimpi indah saya yang terus datang tiap malam untuk menghidupkan sosok kamu di setiap tidur saya. Ternyata bukan lagi suara kamu yang jadi candu tapi sepotong memori saya tentang kita yang ternyata masih mengendap di otak. Iya, otak bukan di hati. Ironis bukan? Karena ternyata yang menghidupkan kamu dalam harapan saya bukan sakit hati saya melainkan logika otak saya. Kata orang saya bisa cenayang. Saya bisa lihat kamu dengan orang lain. Saya tahu kamu dengan orang lain. Yang saya tidak tahu, yang saya heran, apakah perlu saya ada di hidup kamu jika akhirnya kamu sama orang lain? apa perlu ada saya di hidup kamu setahun ini tapi akhirnya kamu sama orang lain? Ini bukan lagi tentang dua jadi satu, soulmate, atau bahkan teman hidup. Ini saya sama kamu. Ini semesta saya yang keluar orbit dan tidak sengaja bergesekan dengan semesta kamu yang adem ayem. Ini saya yang lucunya percaya kalau tempat saya adalah di samping semesta kamu, berdempetan, sejajar selalu. 
Saya tidak menyalahkan dia, tapi nyatanya saya masih sayang kamu.


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Monday, November 18, 2013

Classy {slash] Classic

Hey, i am in the middle of the attack of assignments, i wont lie, this is too overwhelming, trying to put myself in the right order. while i am in true depressed about my store layout project, i decided to do what i need to do, and i found this tumblr and i know God helps me all this time, i just didn't see it. The fact about our role model a.k.a Audrey Hepburn, she was nomaden. She was born in Belgium, and she moved to boarding school, ever learnt ballet (what......), and she ever rented a house in Beverly Hills and thank you, Sir Mark Shaw - who was the photographer.

Ask and you will be given.

huge love

Friday, November 1, 2013


Hello everyone, it's been a hectic week and i try to put myself back to this mind-blowing activities of mine. And guess what, i get little times to share what my top 5 favorite instagram accounts. Generally, it's my version of good posts, so yeah, i will have it my way.

In the 5th place is a fashion blogger from Indonesia, i kind of fancy her vintage and preppy style. If i can add, it's difficult to compete her to dress vintage-ly. She - most of the time - nailed it. And.... *drum roll* congratulation @lucedale. If you ever looked her instagram, i actually like the way she edits her photos. She uses vsco cam if i am not mistaken, i am not really familiar with smartphone's photo editor, actually.

Anyway, the 4th place is placed by an artist, not actually a common artist who paint in canvas or paper, she decorates plates by putting the food artistically and somehow i really love it. It's good for inspiration, tho. And i am enjoying her photos on my dashboard. hehe. It is @idafrosk. Her real name is Ida Skivenes and she is from Norway. She already published her book. It is available in Amazon.

The 3rd place is stolen by a lovely lady from Russia. She has good taste for photography. I love most of her photos. And congrats @anastasiakuzmina !!

So we almost done here. the 2nd place goes to she who dedicates her life to travel and eat. A singaporean. And she makes me craving for delicious foods on my diet program. *r.i.p diet* anywayyyyy, congratulation Brad Lau, you are in the 2nd place. Talking about you makes me hungrier. I should stop. hehehehe

Does this waffle look very.......i don't know, attractive?

It's killing me, tho. Hahahaha but congrats anyway.

And the one and only instagram account i really adore and very inspirative is maybe kind of shocking and you will disagree but as said, i will have it my own way so.... here it is..

@ellemayleckenby congrats! Anyway you guys dont get prize or what so ever but i adore you guys. You all are amazing. I lover her photos and i bet she is a photographer and also a fashion enthusiast.

Anyway, that's all.